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  1. Thanks! I was googling 145-113. I'm going to look into picking this up if I can get the price down. They are asking $950cdn
  2. I'm shopping for my first industrial machine and came across this Pfaff. Can anyone identify the model?
  3. Thanks for the advice. I found an old pfaff walking foot near by, but cant figure out what model it is. I'll start another thread with pics.
  4. I'm brand new to industrial sewing machines, but I've been reading these forums for close to a year while I suffer my home sewing machine. I mostly sew helmet liners and similar items involving multiple layers of foam, thin plastic (HDPE), suede, neoprene, synthetics, and binding tape. Occasionally all stacked together. I've been looking for a good walking foot machine to make quick work of these layers and found this Adler 291 locally. I'm a little concerned with the electronic controller and lack of available parts. Both will hinder my ability to repair it. It was set up to sew and as far as I could tell it worked fine, but the owner did not have the tension set properly and I was in a hurry. My question is, what red flags should I look for when buying a machine, how do I test it, and is this machine worth it? Seller is asking $700CDN, and doesn't seem to know much about the machine. Here is their description Durkopp Adler 291 Walking Foot industrial sewing machine, 120 volt, Servo motor - Efka Variostop V720 control - Servo motor - Comes with air compressor, needed for presser foot lift. - Comes with a VFD power convertor to convert 120 volt AC to 220 Volt 3 phase. So you can use this in your home on regular 120 volt power. - The lower thread cutter does not work. I don't know much about this sewing machine anymore, I've forgotten how to program it. The instructions are included. This is an old commercial machine, it weighs a lot and is a class above entry level industrial machines. I would suggest that you either know about these machines, or be willing to learn about them, as it will probably need adjustment at some point. Sold As Is condition.