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  1. I have two bobbin winders like that. They originally came with sock knitting machines. They work well with bobbins with 1/8" or so holes.
  2. Landis #3, Landis #1, Singer 29-4, For Sale

    Hi Bill, The No. 1 is working fine! Got a bobbin winder from Texas. Was your ever painted? This one looks like it has been stripped. Going to have to get your email address again. You can email me if you would. God bless. Mike Rock STILL looking for a tumble bug. Might have to get photos from you with some dimensions so we can weld one up.
  3. Mystery (?) Tool

    Hi Big Sioux, I was born on the 'Ridge' in 1947. Are you near the rez? Were you thinking crupper stuffer when you look at that tool? That was my first impression. Not so after reading correct use.
  4. Weaver Leather Supply

    Tried both for 'combination snap', or '1616 snap' and came up empty. That's a pretty specific draft horse snap I was hoping to find. BBH has it as do a few others. Guess I was looking for a 'Weaver' replacement, one stop shop. I don't mind shopping around. As much as I use it's probably just best to buy from my Amish buddy, at his cost. He and I can split leather purchases, twenty sides at a time or so.
  5. Weaver Leather Supply

    Glad I found this thread. Have a $2,500 order sitting on the dash of my truck. I was taking it to my Amish buddy harness maker as he would order it at his wholesale price. Now I'll talk it over with him and we'll see where to go next. I know he's not happy with the leather from Weaver. W&C has treated me well in the past. Harness hardware...... ideas? Both full size and Haflinger harness.
  6. Hardware for Rifle Slings?

    Chuck, I just found this post. I have a sack full of brass frogs that I got twenty or more years back. Just right for hunting slings, too light for high power competition slings. If you still need some, email: mikerock@mhtc.net. Most respectfully, Mike Rock Rifle barrel maker
  7. Durkopp Machine

    Thank you Bob. I just left a message at your shop. I will call again Monday. Now I have to find a parts machine to make what I can't. I do happen to own a machine shop but specialize in making rifled gun barrels. What we can't make there I can get EDM'd or even investment cast. That is sure the same machine. If anyone out 'there' has one around, please drop me a note. How to they stitch harness work? Most respectfully, Mike Rock
  8. Durkopp Machine

    This weekend at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI I picked up a good Durkopp treadle sewing machine. I do NOT have a photo to post until I get the cell phone here. It is somewhat larger than my Singer 29-4. It had a detachable wooden table. The arm is small, like the Singer but flat on top. It uses the small bobbins, like the patcher. There are some numbers on the side, very faint. Durkopp K1:17-0-1. No mention of Adler anywhere on the machine. I know, a photo would help, but is this enough? It came out of an Amish harness shop. Thanks. Most respectfully, Mike Rock
  9. Where Can I Buy Weaver Tools

    Are the USA made strap end punches or any of their edge tools well made and long lasting? Better, or as good as older stuff? Mike