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  1. I use a piece of tree trunk about three feet long, place my leather on it and hammer along. The only sound comes from the tool. No vibrations in the floor. I also use a piece of foam rubber (about 2 inches thick) under a piece of hard wood (must be changed after a while). Also works well. And cheap. (Please excuse my English)
  2. Saying Hello From Norway!

    Hi! Nice to read something from another Norwegian! I have learned a lot from this site. It's really great! I have leatherworking for a hobby. Even if I don't have artistic skills, I enjoy my hobby. - And: You really deserve the good weather up north; we've had summer for some time now in the southern parts. Go Norway (or is it: go nowhere?)
  3. Smartphone TV holder

    From the album Rustic products

    Watching TV on your smartphone? Here's a holder. Thanks for the idea, Katie Dubiel!
  4. Beltbag or shoulderbag

    From the album Rustic products

    Canvas and leather. Pattern by Howling Dingo/Bushcraft USA. Tanks, HD!
  5. Tablemat

    From the album Rustic products

  6. Knife Project

    I like that!
  7. Snuffbox holder

    From the album Rustic products

    Table snuffbox holder after Katie Dubiel's coaster holder pattern.
  8. Really decorative! Your idea can be used in many different items, thinking of knife sheats and pouches. Thanks for the idea, Canada
  9. Tobacco Pouch

    I like the simple and useful design!
  10. Smartphone pouch2

    From the album Rustic products

    Backside with adjustable fastener - to suit every belt and body.
  11. Smartphone pouch1

    From the album Rustic products

    Simple smartphone pouch, consider it a prototype...
  12. Marine knife

    From the album Rustic products

    Shaft by my friend Jens Gunne Johansen, Master of knots, a humble sheath by me. The signal is supposed to be "Splice the main brace!"
  13. Free Leather Books And Patterns.

    Thank you! Interesting with oldtimers' instructions!
  14. Market place bag

    From the album Rustic products