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  1. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    Glenn, I'm not sure what you mean exactly. When I raise the foot, the spring gets loose, not under tension, is that what you meant?
  2. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    Good idea, thanks! I think that might be the problem, too. If I hold the top of the rod where the second bend is and stop it from twisting, it's much smoother. Any idea about setting the spring height/tension with the set screw on the rod itself? Thanks Gregg! Appreciated.
  3. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    Hi guys and gals, I finally got the machine installed in my room, messed around with the table quite a bit, installed and removed the legs, moved them over, bla bla, looks pretty good. I was hoping someone could help me with adjusting the presser foot knee lift. Whenever I do it, the rod on the machine seems to want to twist, and then all of a sudden it "lets go", and makes a spring type noise. From the videos I've watched, the action is suppose to be smooth. Also, could someone explain how to adjust the spring that is on the rod itself with the set screw? Not sure where to set it exactly. Also, with the machine set at its lowest indicated of 5 stitches per inch, it produces an actual 6. Is there a way to adjust that, or is that the lowest the machine will go mechanically? I read you can adjust the set screw on the dial to make it read "true", but the adjustment will still bottom out in the same place, correct? Thirdly, the little aluminum looking piece on the front of the machine that you thread through 3 times is loose and moves up and down. Is that normal, or does it need to be tightened? As you can see in the last pic, the rod has been rubbing on the machine every time it moves up and down, not sure if it's the bend that it has is wrong or what...Not sure what they're suppose to look like.
  4. Source for servo motor with boxing day deals?

    Thanks Ron! You're right, my mistake as I had the motor in my cart at the same time. I saw after that it was $12. So we can come any time to the address listed on your website and buy thread/needles/etc anything listed on your site?
  5. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    Just what I had on hand really, plus it's a more natural look. I was thinking of using poly and sometimes still wish I did... It's just more of a pain to get rid of after if you don't like it how it looks. From what I see it can look pretty plasticy
  6. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    Thanks Thanks! I had started sanding it in the hopes of getting it more uniform in color, but in the end decided against it and just to leave it how it was. I used mineral spirits to clean the top after I sanded it a bit, then just applied the finishing wax (yeah in a paste form, but made for wood). And yes if you wanted to apply urethane or shallac after you would definitely have to remove the wax. This top had some sort of shellac on it and was clogging up my sandpaper discs every 5 seconds...But like I said I just used mineral spirits to wipe it down then applied the wax, about 5 coats in total to get it to feel smooth. Worked on the foot pedal today since the table and machine didn't come with it (it was removed for some reason). Started out by designing the piece to be cut in Autocad, then cut it out on my dad's CNC plasma. Then bent it up on our sheet metal break. Finally, made some inserts for the mounts on the table to allow the pedal to pivot. Still need to weld up the corners and paint/apply some rubber or something to the face of it.
  7. Antique sewing machine protection wipe down

    Gotcha, thanks!
  8. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    Just another update since I managed to get everything painted, the legs assembled, as well as the top coated with finishing wax. Doesn't look half bad. Christmas present I got! And one of my dad's current project...Pullmax custom metal shaper Some more pictures from the shop And my dads custom made CNC Plasma table, which I will use to cut out the foot pedal I need to make.
  9. Antique sewing machine protection wipe down

    Thanks Don, did you make the cover yourself? I'd love to make one out of clear vinyl so I can still admire the machine from under the cover as I pass by
  10. Source for servo motor with boxing day deals?

    Thanks! Nice! Where did you get your Coats Dabond from?
  11. Source for servo motor with boxing day deals?

    Thanks. I ended up buying the servo motor online in the end. Never heard of polyester thread (I'm just starting). Is there a special use case for it? When should I sew with polyester vs nylon?
  12. Source for servo motor with boxing day deals?

    Thanks yea I've seen them online before. Have you ever made an order with them? Their ordering process seems quite bizarre.
  13. Source for servo motor with boxing day deals?

    I could, just prefer the ease of shopping online is all. Traffic is disgusting in this city Thanks again
  14. Source for servo motor with boxing day deals?

    Thanks! Didn't know Techsew was in Montreal. $27 for shipping for a 1/2 lb of thread, yikes... And I live in Montreal too. Crazy
  15. Hey guys Anyone know of any websites right now with boxing day deals on servo motors or their whole website? Just looking at one of the cheaper $100 ones. Also looking for a place to buy Singer 111W153 bobbins and needles at the same time if possible. If not, just any good source at all will do. I know there's eBay and Amazon, just wondering what else there is. Also, thoughts on the 550 model vs the smaller brushless 1000 model? Thanks