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    Everything leather! General leather work, tooling, holster and sheath making, bags, watch bands, etc.
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  1. 1st knife sheath

    Great job. Very well done!
  2. Howdy from Colorado

    Welcome from Golden, Colorado!
  3. A different sort of wallet

    That is unique, different and amazing!! Taking something ordinary like a wallet and making it into something extraordinary like this... that is talent!
  4. Plain ol wallet luxury leather

    Looks great!!
  5. An example of batchwork

    Thank you for sharing this concept. I had not thought about things this way but I see the benefit of it. I can see myself doing this now going forward.
  6. Hand press help

    I only have the Crafttoo Pro. Both holes seem to be the same at 3/8th of an inch. No idea on cross-compatibility.
  7. Bond Arms Bullpup 9mm

    Looks great!!
  8. Maybe it's for a leftie. Aside from possible orientation issues, it looks great!!!
  9. cowboy holster- dog bone style, distressed leather

    Love that look!!! Great holster!
  10. Web design 'n' stuff

    Have you looked into options like Wix? They do all the heavy lifting for you. The only thing I don't go through them for is my domain because I want privacy on my domain registration (which they don't seem to offer) but other than that they handle it all for me. Just an option to think about.
  11. My Flagship Holster

    Thank you very much, Sir! That was the same thing I was thinking!! It's on my list for next trip to Home Depot.
  12. Louisiana gun nut turned leather worker

    Haha! I think we're using the same patterns! (I did without the snap) Great work!
  13. Thanks! (Didn't see this till just now.) I used the Bob Park tutorial on here to do my edges and I used the Adams LeatherWorks OWB Pancake style holster pattern for the 5" 1911. I am afraid of using my snakeskin as it is so thin. I'm looking forward to how your holster turns out! Thank you, Sir! Thank you!!
  14. first decorative stitching

    That looks great!! Very good!!
  15. Dog collar

    Looks great!