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  1. How to post pictures on LW

    Thank you Tom
  2. How to post pictures on LW

    Ok it’s not working for me. I’m selecting a photo from the photo library on my phone and I get a message that I can’t upload more than 1.46 mb. But I don’t know how to resize it.
  3. New skiver user question

    Thanks Jimi. Looks like I have something similar although it appears to be leather. I would like to post photos but get a warning that they exceed the limit of 1.46mb.
  4. New skiver user question

    Thank you Tom. I should have mentioned in my post that having been a woodworker for many years, I am ready for some quieter machines, and would like to avoid dust collectors/vacuums!
  5. New skiver user question

    Just getting used to my new Techsew Skiver. The cut off waste leather accumulates in the bell knive, then sometimes falls to the floor. I have seen machines with chutes for directing waste away from the operator's feet, but mine didn't come with one. When it doesn't fall to the floor, I get in the bell knife with needle nose pliers to remove it. This is awkward to say the least, and I am afraid of cutting my hand on the blade. Can anyone recommend a better method?
  6. Pfaff 145 help

    Thank you for that information! Here is a picture of my top and bottom. I think there is a linkage to the top, but maybe your experienced eye can tell me for sure. IMG_1093.HEIC I am not able to upload the bottom view!
  7. Is this a leather working tool?

    You must be in my area! I've been to both those places, and if your sister in law sells at the market, I've probably talked to her!
  8. Pfaff 145 help

    I think my answer may not be adequate, but I will do the best I can. The video was taken on my iPhone 8, and I posted it from my iPad, with the latest operating system Apple offers me.
  9. Pfaff 145 help

    Ok these parts do raise and lower the feed dogs. BUt the still stay at the same level throughout the stitch cycle. I am hoping there is an adjustment to get them to drop down when they move back. 04335834-C8E7-4205-AF37-FA2B33ABCC46.MOV
  10. Pfaff 145 help

    My problem is not to raise thefeed dogs, but for them to drop as the needle foot goes up and back. Hope this makes sense to someone...
  11. Pfaff 145 help

    I believe the 195 is a post bed machine. This is a flat bed, and looks (to me) identical to a 145.
  12. Pfaff 145 help

    Thank you for your response. The plate on my machine reads 195 H3-6/01 CLMN P. The 9 in 195 is scratched like some one tried to change it. Themachine looks like other 145s.
  13. Pfaff 145 help

    I am trying to improve the stitching on my machine. The feed dogs go back and forth, but don't drop down when they go back. I believe they should, but can't find anywhere to make this adjustment. Can anyone help me with this?