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  1. bezel on a rivet head

    No, I didn't but I ordered something that can be changed some to work.
  2. bezel on a rivet head

    I will look thanks.
  3. bezel on a rivet head

    Yes. I am afraid you are correct on custom work will be needed. I have a basic plan. I will first start with cut round stones with a coring tool (the cored center will be the stone used) and dome them and then off to the tumbler to take them to polish. I should be able to do a dozen at a time. Then glue them to the tops of flat rivets or use the rhinestone rivets and remove the plastic rhinestone.Then glue the new stone in place. I will post this summer when this project starts. Too cold here in Wisconsin to start cutting stone and tumbling.
  4. bezel on a rivet head

    The problem is the ones that have glass or plastic stones are cheap, They are made of a very thin coating of gold tone or what ever they use. This stuff dulls or wears off fast. This type of rivet is used on women's clothing or leather jackets and in many cases by the 100s to get a glittery look.This means the unit cost must be low. In the jewelry market we have a similar problem, a large group of people want low cost items that look good but are not into high quality or high durability. All this makes it hard to fine nice looking parts.
  5. bezel on a rivet head

    I looked everyplace I could on the web. They have rhinestones in the rivets that I could find. I guess I can remove the rhinestone and place the semiprecious and precious stones I cut. I was hoping someone was selling a higher end silver rivet that takes a gemstone.
  6. I do lapidary (cutting and polishing stone) work and merge my two hobbies . I have been looking on the web and can't locate a rivet that the head has a bezel on it. I seen them with glass on the head and I could take it out or mount a bezel on the head but I find it is hard to believe they don't sell the rivet with no stone in the bezel. If you know of somebody that sells them that would be great! Thanks for your time.
  7. consew 223 advice

    Oh, The hand/pulley wheel looks like the white machine. Basically the white machine with no lever. With guts of the old machine. I will shoot more pictures in the morning.
  8. consew 223 advice

    Thanks for your help! It looks like the older one but I have a few pictures to share. I don't have movement of the slot to adjust stitch width. It is hard for me to tell not ever seeing a good one!.
  9. consew 223 advice

    I am missing the needle for adjusting the machine but the threads are good and the adjustment length is almost totally open. Pictures of the hole and the threads are posted. Can you get the pin at all? I would hate to modify the machine.
  10. consew 223 advice

    I have some pictures now. I have pictures if the insides also if needed. I think the adjustment is broken off in the wheel and the needle is missing.
  11. consew 223 advice

    I have some pictures now. I have pictures of the insides also if needed. I think the adjustment is broken off in the wheel and the needle is missing.
  12. I use Tinkercad and it works great! I didn't think of making stamps but it sounds like the perfect fit. I will have to surf the web and learn about it. Thanks for the great idea!
  13. consew 223 advice

    I have a Consew 223 that I bought cheap and it runs good on a clutch motor but it ran too fast. I didn't know much about it and had other machines that sew light leather and decided to buy a servo motor. Well before you know it a few years pasted and I decided to connect it up. I have the speed corrected now and noticed when reading the online operations manual that it should have a knob on the side to set stitch length. It has no knob or markings. The front of the machine has the main body casting of the 223r with someone putting white paint over the r on the model # and all the reverse stitch length parts are missing and a cover over the hole. I watched videos on the 153w100 and the stitch length adjustments look the same. Mine is locked in one stitch length. you can't move it. It sounds like someone hacked this thing together or maybe it is set for one use in a factory. I can post pictures if anyone would be interested in giving pointers on what is missing or needed to make stitch length variable. I didn't see much online as far as service manuals. It works and honestly the one stitch size is just fine while I am just starting to sew leather with this type of machine and for the price I paid was under $200 I am not too concerned. Thanks for your time!