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  1. So...I'm totally new. Been researching on what to buy but can't seem to find a thread/post/etc. that lays it out simply for me. I have some things picked out or ordered and I'm not sure about a few things. I want to do basic saddle stitching to start. On belts, key rings, perhaps some wallets. I need help on what to buy to start....please let me know if what I have picked is wrong. -I'm going to make a stitching pony this week. -I have John James size 1/0 and 2 needles ordered. Have picked out but haven't ordered: -0.8mm Tiger Thread -Craftool Pro stitching groover -Kyoshin-Elle Diamond Pricking Irons (3mmx2 tooth and 3mmx6 tooth) -Book: Stohlman Art of Hand Sewing Leather Can't figure out what size awl blade...was thinking a Barry King. Size 0? 38mm long by 2.6mm wide? Should I rule out an Osborne? I like the idea of interchangeable awl blade. Can I just go with a basic flat side awl haft? I like the BK but not keen on spending $50. Thoughts? Any other tools I'm forgetting? Thanks AW