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  1. Defective Consew

    Thanks for all the replies. Got the replacement and I've been watching a 4 hour series online for tuning it, and I did everything and it seems perfect. There was a section about adjusting the safety clutch and it said to hold the button down and give a quick jerk to the wheel to activate the safety, but I can't get mine to activate. I used a phillips screwdriver to push the ball in, access the screw, and loosen it so that it "should" take as little force as it's designed to activate. Is it likely that my clutch will function properly when I eventually get a jam?
  2. Defective Consew

    Thanks for the quick reply. Here is a pic of the packaging. You can see that the plywood support on the bottom has holes where the machine came down with enough force to punch through it and the foam was cracked down the middle even though the box was sealed.
  3. Defective Consew

    I'm new to sewing and especially industrial machines. I received a new Consew 206rb-5 and set it up according to all the resources online. With no belt in place, if I turn the pulley manually it gets very difficult as the needle comes down fully, makes a rubbing noise inside, then loosens on the upstroke. Also, the force required for the knee lifter is tremendous even when pushing on the rod in the back manually to lift the presser foot. I think this machine may have been dropped in shipping as there was damage to the foam inside. Does this sound like damage or an adjustment issue?