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  1. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Usually I would dry overnight as well, but for the test piece I wanted to knock it out in one day. It worked so well that I may actually do it for the rest. My heat gun has 21 settings, so I can really dial it in without damaging the material. I like Mink oil and planned to coat the whole thing once I'm done. Thanks for the lead on previous project. (Blade changes were because the only large enough cutting surface I had was the back side of my marble slab. Yikes!) I may end up going the stitching route for strength. I recently learned of a tool that cuts a u-shaped groove in leather to help hide the thread. Haha, yeah that was the goal. If I'm going through the effort it might as well be functional.
  2. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    That one is pretty cool @ScoobyNewbie A product that would be better for the Daedric armor would be Worbala. Pretty neat stuff I'd like to try one day. Update: This post was meant for my costume forum, but I might as well share with you guys too. Again, self taught, if you have any suggestions please feel free to share. " First run went really well!For those of you that dont know, I like to really write out what I do. The reason is because I'm likely to forget so having something to look back on is really helpful for me. But, if someone else gets use from it then that is great too. Starting with the wrist guards:After cutting out the shape I used 150 grit sand paper to get flatter, smoother edges. Used a leather edge beveler to knock of the edge. Then finished with a 220 grit to really round it out. Used a pencil to draw a pattern onto leather tracing paper (it's like really thick wax paper) Then I used a paper towel, or sponge, to slowly wet the leather, starting with the backside and letting it seep through. With the leather wet and pliable set on a hard surface such as marble, I used a leather stylus to transfer the pattern by imprinting it in the leather. Next I cut along the lines at a 90 degree angle using a swivel knife. Named because the base can swivel independently from the finger hold at the top, allowing for smooth curved cuts. Be aware of how deep you cut as well. I generally cut half as deep as the leather is. Leather is abrasive and dulls knives quickly. Leather also needs to be cut cleaning, if the blade snags it will be obvious once dyed. In between cuts I sharpen my blade using the rough side of a dry piece of leather. A buffing compound called rouge is added to give the sharpened edge a better finish. Next I use a bevel stamp to push down one side of the cut, giving the leather that real 3d effect. Next I use a background stamp (Tandy #E294-04) to hide my terrible bevel stamping abilities. I think it looks pretty cool. I took that wet leather and held it over my roommate's wrist. Holding that shape as best I could I took it to my heat gun and got it to dry in the proper shape. To achieve my desired color I apllied two coats of Eco-Flo Black Oil Dye with a paper towel, making sure to not press into the pits. Next I apllied one coat of Eco-Flo Black Smoke Hi-Lite Stain using a paper towel making sure to get all the crevices this time. I wiped excess off with a paper towel and used a heat gun to dry. I took 220 grit sandpaper and made random scuff marks. Then I applied one coat of Eco-Flo Satin Shene to seal and protect the leather. Doing so also got rid of all the visible scuffing. Oh well. " Question: what would you guys recommend for adhering the leather together? Many of the pieces get stacked like fish scales, but I don't want any visible stitches, rivets or snaps. Are there invisible ways to do those things? Or is gluing my only option? I've only ever used Tandy Leather Weld. I'm just worried that with all the body movements the pieces will become unglued.
  3. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    I've managed to cut all the armor pieces!(minus a couple accents) Next up, I will take a small piece (one hand guard), pattern it, stamp it, form it, dye it and finally weather it. This will give me a chance to try different things before ruining any of the larger pieces.
  4. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Roger that. I just wish it had bigger file sharing capacity. A single picture from my phone camera exceeds the size capacity. Today I've been cutting out my pieces. Normally I like to use leather scissors, on such thick and large pieces I went with a regular box cutter and I've been having good luck. Only halfway through and I'm at 3 knife changes.
  5. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Thank you for the suggestions. I've looked into wet forming more and I don't believe I would have the time or resources. It would look more accurate, but I believe cutting and tooling those lines will still look cool. And looking cool is the ultimate goal. Not wasted though. I probably will take the time to form the six straps at the top. The mold will be simple and only needs one. Thanks everyone!
  6. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    I like the insight there. Yes, that does seem to make sense. Though I don't think I'm set up to create a rigid mold for wet-forming. I will look into the process more to see if time and money will allow. I believe the result would look more professional. Thank you.
  7. Advice for creating weathered black effect?

    I bought it years ago, but according to this chart I would say I have (2) Hide Sides that are 7-9oz of Veg Tanned Tooling leather. Good question. The new topic is up and running! Please direct future inquiries in the new thread. Thank you!
  8. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Hello everyone! Thank you for having me here. I started off by posting a question about weathering leather, but since you guys have actually active members I thought I would maintain a build log here for those interested in following along! My background is mostly in Tandy leather kits (wallets, guitar straps, purses, holsters etc) Years of experience, but all self taught which means I could probably improve A LOT! I have a (2) hide sides that are 7-9oz veg tanned tooling leather that have been collecting dust for too long, combined with a new found love for cosplaying, have inspired me to build a set of leather armor from a video game. Here is a link to my original build log from my native land. For I will focus on the leather crafting aspect and not so much on the costume part. Here are a couple images of the suit I am trying to make. It is from a video game which means that to create it in the real world there will be sacrifices, but the goal is to get as close as possible. (in game) (action figure) First I took the 3d model from the game and used a program called pepakura to unfold it flat so that I could print it out on paper. Then I taped the paper to a dummy with the wearer's exact dimensions. Before I start cutting out the pieces I wanted to have a game plan for the tooling and dying. My first concern was how to add that detail. Here is a close up. It looks like they are just hammered down with something like a pear stamp (is that the correct term?) But if I were to do that does it pop enough for my liking? So I thought about cutting the detail in and fading out a background tool around them. Even though less accurate, we are leaning towards #2 just because it would look cooler. Then comes the dye, weathered black. The action figure is pure black and he looks cool. The game model is almost gray (and oddly enough black on the arms). I think we're hoping for something in between. Here is my color test that I've done. All of the samples have been scuffed on one side with 150grit and the other side with a little 60grit sandpaper. 1. Two coats of Antique Gel - Smoke 2. One coat of regular black dye 3. One coat of Antique Gel - Smoke 4. thin coat of regular black dye (making sure not to dye crevices), then one coat antique gel - smoke. 5. one coat Satin Sheen, then two coats regular black dye 6. one coat brown dye, then one coat antique gel - smoke I'm curious to hear what you all think and looking forward to showing more progress down the line. (first showing scheduled for April) Cheers! -PD
  9. Advice for creating weathered black effect?

    I didn't hit submit. I was trying to tag people when the cursor got stuck inside your tag. Trying to get the cursor to move past your tag I clicked around the text field a lot and suddenly there were multiple posts. Thank you for the advice though. I am familiar with forums, they just each seem to have their own quirks though.
  10. Advice for creating weathered black effect?

    Grrr. I am not used to your forum. Sorry for the spam. Anyways. Thank you for the responses. I thought it would email me when you guys messaged here, but I will just check back more often. The reference image is from a video game. This is the best resolution I will be able to display. I agree that using already worn leather may be a preferred option. However, the whole reason I'm doing this is because I've been sitting on two half hides for way to long and want to make something noteworthy with it. I am thinking that I will start a build thread on here so you guys can follow along and give suggestions. I will post the new thread link here once I have made it. Thanks again!
  11. Advice for creating weathered black effect?

    Thank you for the responses @robs456 @Northmount
  12. Advice for creating weathered black effect?

    Sorry for the double post, but it is only allowing me to post two photos. So far I've tried apply clear coat before dyeing black and the result is an ugly gray. Second I've tried first dying chestnut and then using a black gel. The result is better, but still very brown.
  13. Hello, I'm new to this forum and hoping someone might have advice. I've been a novice leatherworker for years (doing mostly Tandy kits). I'm currently part of a cosplaying forum and I have taken up the challenge of crafting leather armor. There is an effect I'm hoping to duplicate. All I can think to describe it is weathered black. Put something truly black next to it and it looks sometimes brown sometimes gray. Here is what I'm hoping to achieve: