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    hi all just another new member I have very little experience in the craft but would like to start.I was given a very cool sewing machine lately (pfaff 545) was looking for info on it and this sight popped up. I'm a diesel mechanic/truck driver and have a ton of hobbies, like Astronomy Astrophotography microscopy chemistry backpacking hunting fishing reloading and my passion is woodworking I have an complete shop stuffed into a 20' x 12' building and have no room to work. I have a 1979 by-liner bass boat that needs restored from the trailer up. that's were the sewing machine comes into play I'm going to do my own upholstery work. Right now I'm working on a roll off roof observatory for my telescope lots to do. Eventually I want to stop working and start making leather craft and woodworking projects to sell either on line or a store front that I can rent. I live in Kennewick WA known as the TriCities