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  1. Didn't know this was an option but definitely a good idea and something worth looking in to!
  2. Hey guys, I've been having a really tough time setting line 20 snaps in to 5oz leathers (1.85-2mm thick)... In particular, I've been having trouble with the cap side of the snap and the post getting pushed up in to the cap, causing an ugly indentation in the snap. So far I've been setting by hand using a maul and buckle guy snap setter and I would estimate that 4-5 snaps end up having to be taken off and re-done because I can't stand the indentation. I'm starting to think that setting by hand on such thin leathers is just not a good idea? I've tried all kinds of snaps - Tandy, buckleguy, goldstar, Springfield leather, Scoville, etc, etc... all of them end up with the same problem... I've even tried short post snaps with 3mm posts as well as longer traditional post snaps. Anyway, please see the attached picture which shows a Scovill snap that has a shorter 3mm post but still is pushing up in to the cap... I was wondering if getting a proper press will eliminate the problem since it should be able to be much more consistent with pressure/etc? If so, which press would you recommend? I've been looking at Weaver, Buckleguy, Goldstar, and the Pres-N-Snap... I'm looking for whichever one is the easiest to adjust and is most compatible with line 20 snaps... At the moment I'm leaning towards getting either the Weaver Little Wonder or the Buckleguy press but was hoping someone might be able to give me some guidance? Thanks!
  3. Yeah I saw that but it's listed at 3/8" (~9.5mm) whereas BG dies are 7.8mm on the top thread so I'm pretty sure it'd be too big anyway... also at $95 that's pretty much half the price of the Buckleguy press and even then I'm not sure 100% it'd work... sure would be nice if there were some standardization in this space! Either way I'm happy now that I know I can get perfectly set snaps with a press... doing it by hand was just too frustrating!
  4. Hey guys, Just wanted to follow up in case this information is useful to anyone else later... I bought a Goldstar press and so far I have not had any issues once I dialed in the amount of force needed to set the snaps... I have found that I give it just enough pressure to feel the roll of the post and then that's all that's needed... maybe 10-15 lb of force at most. As far as snap compatibility, so far here is what I've found for line 20 compatibility: Goldstar snaps - of course they work great but the snaps aren't as high quality as other brand snaps like Buckleguy or Scovill... they do have a good selection of snaps and they are much better priced than the competition Buckleguy - snaps do not fit in Goldstar dies Scoville - snaps to not fit in Goldstar dies Tandy - Not tested yet (will update later) Conclusion: I'm pretty happy with my Goldstar press... I got the Sylvia deal that came with a line 20 die, double sided rivet die, 100 double cap line 20 snaps, and 100 double sided 8mm rivets. Even though the deal has gone up $10 to $98, it still represents a really good deal considering other people are charging more than twice that for just the press and dies. That being said, I have a LOT of Buckleguy snaps that I've collected over the past year... I'm thinking that I may need to invest in either a Weaver or Buckleguy press in addition to the Goldstar press in the hopes that it will be more compatible with other brand snaps... then I think I'll be pretty well covered. Let me know if you have any questions!
  5. Hello there! I was hoping to get some recommendations for a sewing machine from you guys... I have been hand sewing all my wallets and small leather goods since I started working with leather but that's getting a bit tiresome and I feel like I could really speed things up with a proper sewing machine and open up possibilities for new products/materials. You can see the stuff that I make here: https://www.ysrasupply.com or here: https://www.instagram.com/ysrasupply/ Also posted a pic below to give you an idea of what I'm working with... most of the leather I work with is 3-4 layers of 3oz leather + 1 layer of 5oz leather but I'd like to be able to sew thicker 8-10oz leather too... Would you guys recommend a flat bed or cylinder arm machine? Or maybe a one that is convertible to a flat bed? I've see people post that you can do most the stuff on a flat bed that you can on a cylinder/etc so I'm really not sure which way to go... I've look at Cobra machines as well as Juki online but am a bit overwhelmed with all the choices out there... Can anyone recommend a good machine to get me going? and anyone know of good dealers in the Greenville, SC area? I'd prefer to deal with someone local that can help with repairs/etc if ever needed. Lastly my budget would probably need to be less than $2k right now... if I could get one cheaper then that'd be even better but all in all I just want to make sure I get a solid machine that's somewhat easy to set up and use that will LAST. Thanks!
  6. Coming back to this thread as I'm narrowing in on a few options... I think I am going to go with a flat bed machine since all the work I do now are wallets and smaller goods. It'd be nice to have a Cobra class 4 but I'm not certain I'd ever utilize that machine fully... I also read some other thread where a guy wishes he had gotten a smaller machine cause the class 4 was tearing up his thinner leathers. In any case, below are my options I'm considering both new and used... If I buy new I am currently looking in to a few options: Highlead 318 Cobra Class 18 or 20 Consew 206rb-5 Juki 1541s If I buy used then I currently have these two on offer to me from a guy locally who deals industrial machines: Singer 331K105 for $395 Tacsew T111-155 (Equipped with 110 volt servo motors) for $550 I've tried doing some research on both of these here and on the net... looks like the Tacsew might be better for leatherwork (might need to get a speed reducer?)... Anyway, I could save a ton of $$$ right now if I go with one of the used ones but are either of these machines worth it? The only sewing machine I've ever used is a brother home use machine so this will my first "real" sewing machine. While it would be nice to save the money now I also don't want to be kicking myself a few months from now wishing I had just ponied up the cash to get the right machine that I can grow in to. Anyway, hoping some of you experts here can chime in to give your opinions now that I've narrowed my choices down!
  7. Thanks guys, I think I'm gonna go with the Goldstar press... will let you guys know how it goes!
  8. Thanks @VYO I have tried leather backing but didn't like the way it raised up the back of the snap... perhaps I need to start using thicker leathers with my snap projects. Using 5oz now and thinking maybe 7oz might be better suited for line 20 snaps... Anyway, what other brand snaps have you tried in the Goldstar? I like the price of the goldstar but not sure if it's worth it to spend extra on any of the other options. Thanks again!
  9. @LatigoAmigo thanks... will try cutting down some snaps on some scrap leather to see if that helps... do you think a hand press would help at all? @brmax see picture of back side below... and yes I do need to pre hole punch. Right now I'm using a 2mm hole punch and it's a nice snug fit.
  10. Anyone know where I can get some short post matte black line 20 snaps? I've been searching the web all over but haven't been able to find ay... I typically like to use buckeguy snaps as I find them to be the best quality but unfortunately they don't make a short post version of their matte black snaps. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  11. YSRASupply

    Weaver Mighty Wonder - Die Height Question?

    Thank you!
  12. Hoping someone with a mighty wonder (4ton) can help me out... I'm in the process of getting a leather stamp made for embossing leather and I wanted to find out what the optimal die height is for using with the mighty wonder? Is it 3/4" or 1 1/4" in height? I don't yet own a mighty wonder but am hoping to get one soon... I just want to be sure that the stamp that I'm getting now will work well with the machine once I get it... I believe the documentation says it can adjust for dies between 3/4" - 1 1/4" but I didn't know if a particular die height was better than the other... I was leaning towards 1 1/4" because I figure it'd be better to be on the taller end than on the shorter end of the spectrum... Thanks!
  13. YSRASupply

    Short Post Matte Black Line 20 Snaps?

    Thanks! Will give that a try! I've been having issues with a lot of my snaps cause the cap posts on them are 6.2mm according to the manufacturer but I have been trying to use them on 5oz leather which leaves 4mm of the post exposed... setting these manually with hand setter and maul has led to MANY deformed caps where the post has gone up in to the dome. I was hoping a short post snap would solve the problem. Anyone know how much of the post "should" be exposed before setting? and would a hand press setter like the weaver little wonder or goldstar help with avoiding these sorts of issues?
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    Short Post Matte Black Line 20 Snaps?

    Thanks! Didn't think of them as an option but will check out their website!
  15. Thanks for the replies! I did forget to mention thread size... I'm unfamiliar with thread sizing for sewing machines but right now I typically use thinner thread (around 0.45mm similar to Lin Cable 632) and could see myself maybe going up to 0.6mm thread on certain projects... that being said, I'd want a machine that will give me some versatility with thread sizing. Thanks again!
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    Custom Made Snaps

    Thanks! Looks like they are fairly close to where I live as well so I will definitely contact them!
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    Custom Made Snaps

    This is an older post but I thought I'd reach out to see if anyone has any other recommendations for custom fabricators? @Sjohnsone, did you ever find one?
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    4 Ton Weaver Leather Clicker Press

    Sent a message about this... I live in Greenville, SC so hopefully you still have this and are relatively close!