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  1. Also, I found these two videos on YouTube. Made adjusting all aspects of my machine very easy. Figured I would share with everyone.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone! I took yalls advice, I re-threaded skipping the center hole on the flat bar, made sure my thread didn’t go over the pin on the tension discs, and lowered the stop on the check spring to where it lets off after the needle is in the material. Also I misspoke earlier saying I was using 69 thread I’m actually using 92 thread with a 21 needle. Making these tweaks made my skipped stitches go away, however my top thread is still fraying. After doing inspection of my threadpath per wiz’s instructions I believe I found the issue. My thread guide has a notch worn in it and it is the only thing I can imagine it being. Below are some pics of some stitching,the notch in the guide, and the frayed top thread.
  3. Sheridan tote bag

    Looks great!
  4. As to the multiple posts, I am doing this on my IPad, when I typed the thread and hit submit it came back as showing I did not have all required fields filled in. I double checked that they were and submitted again (I tried this a few times tweaking my post each time and it finally went through) this was my first attempt posting here so in the future if it happens again I will wait a few minutes in between before trying again.
  5. Wiz, thanks for the reply! I believe I have the threading correct on the check spring and have the tension on it set properly. I will go take a few pics for confirmation that it is threaded properly
  6. Hello everyone! I have been reading here for quite some time and finally created an account, great site! Down to business, I recently picked up a consew 206rb-5, I cleaned and oiled the machine and have gone through some adjustments following the manual to a T. My machine is occasionally skipping stitches (maybe 1 in every 10-15 stitches) and the machine occasionally is ripping the top thread as it pulls back up through the material. I am using 69 thread with a size 21 needle. Typically sewing approx 1/4" thick veg tan leather. I would like to get this fixed as I have a family sew servo motor and 6’’ hand wheel on the way from Bob at Toledo industrial Other info: Needle bar height is set per manual Hook timing is set per manual Hook spacing to needle set per manual Needle inserted and aligned properly Feed dog alignment set per manual Needle alignment with feed dog set per manual Any help is greatly appreciated.