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  1. Shout Out to Toledo Sewing and part needed

    Thank you all who offered help, advic,e and contact info. you are great folks and a credit to the trade!!
  2. Shout Out to Toledo Sewing and part needed

    Thanks again YinTx. That image is great and I may just turn one myself from 01drill rod myself!
  3. Shout Out to Toledo Sewing and part needed

    Thanks I've seen these folks on line but wanted to stay on this side of "the pond" if possible and hopefully deal with a member here on Leatherworker.net.
  4. Shout Out to Toledo Sewing and part needed

    Thanks Glen. I was told by the gentleman on the phone at Toledo the part was not available. If I had a pic or a sample I could duplicate one. I have a lathe, forge, belt grinder and lots of experience fixing and making parts. Just not on sewing machines
  5. Hello all My first post as a new member from Canada! I picked up an old Seiko walking foot machine with the nameplate and decals missing . Looks like an old Consew 255 or Seiko LSW from the 60s) The hook assembly was a little sloppy so I ordered a replacement from Toledo Sewing on Friday. The fella on the phone said he's have it in the mail Monday morning. I told him I learned of his business from here at Leatherworker.net. so a shout out to you folks as well! I still need a Feed Driving Eccentric pin PN 10634. Does anyone have or know where I could find one? I use to be a gunsmith so working with small, moving, interconnected parts comes easy to me. Had I seen one before I could turn one on my lathe but I have never seen one before. Any help would be appreciated The body casting is marked SEIKO STW8808147 and the SN is SW8808147 Sammy from Ontario Canada!!