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    Sewing, Ceramics, Boating,and Old Cars.

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    I want to learn to use an industrial sewing machine, so I can sew leather & vinyl to make seat covers,and Boat covers etc.
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    Google while looking for a Machine to buy.
  1. Hello

    bikermutt07 Thanks for all the leads, I'll be checking them out this weekend.
  2. Hello

    bikermutt07, The Consew RB-1 is the first machine I went and looked at. Unfortunately, it had been dropped of the back of the guys truck, It had a few broken parts, was stored in a filthy dirt shed, and they couldn't get it to sew. So for $900, I said Id pass. Didn't know if it had internal parts broken. If you know where I can find one inSouthern California,Las Vegas area , or Phoenix area. Let me know, I'd like to check it out.
  3. Hello

    Thanks for the info Primosand.There is a guy in Encino, that has several machines for sale, I am going to try to go look at them Sunday.
  4. Hello

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'v been lurking for a while and i really would like to get a machine to sew leather, but i am totally lost as to what to get. I have looked at 3 different machines, Feitsew 1156, Pfaff 145-h3-6A1C, and a Consew 225. I want to be able to sew leather wallets, but I would mainly use it to make covers for car and boat wheels and upholstry work on car seats. Any advice from the professionals out there? Thanks