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  1. I want to make a carry-bag where the top of the side pieces are round ('doctor' style bag?) and the zipper is on top. I would like to hide the edges, so I guess that means hand-sewing it inside-out. I experimented with some scrap today to see how it might work. It came out ok, although the roundness wasn't perfect, and the joint seems a bit fat. I cut some darts into the edge -- I think that might improve the roundness some. I'm also wondering if I should skive down the edges so there isn't so much bulk to fold (but it's a bag -- so I don't want it to be too weak...). I ran my stitching line 5mm along the edge What are best-practices in sewing this style of rounded connection in Any advice on designing the pattern in-general? inside, darted-edge outside of the experiment.  Edge is sort of bulky-looking.