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  1. Zippers!

    WOW! So much good info. I'm really glad I signed up for this site/forum. I'll be giving several techniques a go this weekend and I'll try and post. I really appreciate the replies and openness of this group.
  2. Zippers!

    Thank you! I've been doing so and will continue. Any and all tips appreciated. I'm not sure why a zipper seems so daunting!
  3. Zippers!

    Good afternoon!!! I'll start by saying I'm a total newb. I'm making what's turning out to be a very in depth and exciting project... a sissy bar bag for my Harley. I'm only a few months into this. Long story short...I'm 45 and have suffered a series of strokes due to an aneurysm. Lost my passions/hobbies along with so much more in the recovery process. Injuries built up from some climbing accidents, motorcycle crashes, and fighting competitively since I was 14. Anyhow...it's been devastating. Then a friend introduced me to leather working and BAM....seems I found just what I needed. A new passion, hobby, and something completely unexpected....THERAPY. It's helped my in so many ways. It's all but replaced what would likely be OT. Anyhow...there it is...total newb but go easy. So my question - can someone give me ANY and all advice on incorporating a zipper? I'm turning the cover/flap into more space by adding a panel underneath with zipper access. I've NEVER even thought of sewing a zipper and have quickly realized it's harder than it looks. Thanks in advance. I really appreciate this community and tips.