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  1. Things can get worse

    I think so as there was already 1 piece broke half so it was holding on 1 half
  2. tension problem

  3. Things can get worse

    Well no it didnt cost that much but its rare in my country for me anyway Well what happend is i gave it abit to much gas
  4. Things can get worse

    Hello Things are going from bad to worse with my singer 45k i just cant seem to get a break i dont know what happened i was setting the tension up to get a better stich but things went horrible wrong can this be fixed or should i just give up
  5. tension problem

    Well i have bigger problem now the clamp that holds the middle shaft broke and yes thread was to tin
  6. tension problem

    hello again so I have a problem cant get any tension on the bottom and top tension to tight even with it all open tension dial I have done everything even I recived a new bobbin case and still the same I think I am just gonna give up and sell everything singer 45k
  7. Hello from Maryland

    I have never made anything so bought the books recommended by members here but i am trying to setup my sewing machine first and will be practising like you
  8. Hello from Maryland

    Hello greg i am new too here i used to be a computer guy too 1 thing i would have made the stiching abit closer to the edge but thats just me probably i am wrong and someone qualified can give a better answer
  9. Starting out

    I got something similar to the books you mentioned but about woodwork so gonna buy some for my collection too ( I collect those types of books ) the website you mentioned looks pretty good as it tells you what type of leather you need so for someone like me that never did leather apart from a leather apron but by hand not with machine thanks I forgot to mention I am trying to learn how to sew with a machine ( singer 45k) thanks for the plentiful info guys I really appreciate it
  10. Starting out

    I will probably contact nigel and buy his pdf thanks gonna be searching for his books today thanks
  11. Starting out

    Hello Sorry to bother you again but i need help to start In my country (malta) they dont have any leather course so i was thinking maybe someone can recommend something like dvd or books I am interested in wallets bags and motorcycle seats and car upholstery maybe boat stuff too Thanks for any help
  12. Tension spring loose

    dam buddy u just saved me a ton of headeachs plus I didn't know tht spring belongs to it it was in the drawer I cant thank you enough
  13. Tension spring loose

    Hello My singer 45k92 tension spring is loose bought it like that and for the love of god cant figure out how to fix it there is no tension not the front spring the back one
  14. Zippers!

    I tried to sew a zipper awhile ago it didn't go that well couldn't get the 2 parts together this is also useful for me I am also in to motorcycles but only managed to do cars the last one my dads 72 buick Riviera
  15. yeah they look ok as long as they fit and do what they're meant to do