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  1. Where can I buy a Box Type Speed Reducer that fits under a JUKI 1508NH?
  2. garranaga


    I appreciate your input. Thanks
  3. garranaga


    Hello Wizcrafts I read your comment on the Juki 1508nh, I just bought it with the intention to sew concealed gun holsters. Did I make an expensive mistake?
  4. garranaga

    Slow Down Servo on Juki 1508NH

    Thanks for the info.
  5. How do you adjust the needle bar height. Thank you for the post.
  6. garranaga

    Slow Down Servo on Juki 1508NH

    katit Thanks for the link, I think your right. Do you know what size I should get?
  7. Does anyone know how to reduce speed to servo motor on Juki 1508NH, I need to go dead slow. Jerry