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  1. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about a saddle I just bought.  The stamp just says Reidhead Saddlery - Gilbert, AZ.

    Thought you might be familiar with them.  I don't know if this would be Guy Reidhead or his son....

    Thank you!

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    2. Cliffrose


      It does have the stirrup attachment system that Guy patented.  I guess it must be one of his.

      It is just a simple, working saddle, but has all the features ice been looking for...except that it's too small.  Practically a 13 inch seat and the stirrups don't go long enough.  If I redo the seat, take out some padding and switch the stirrup leathers out, it MIGHT fit me.  But I dont really want to do that to this saddle.


    3. hidepounder


      I wouldn't either. I think you'd own it forever if you did and I'm not convinced tearing the seat out will make it ride very well.

      I forgot about the stirrup attachments. I had heard about those years ago but never saw one.

    4. Cliffrose


      I can't seem to attach pictures here very well.  I will send you some via Messenger. Thanks for your help!