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  1. TargetRockLeather

    Good Places One Can Sell Leather Items For Sale

    I've had some success selling on Ebay. Items that fit a specific knife, axe etc that someone might be looking for. The only problem there is that you need to actually have the knife/axe in your possession to be able to make the item.
  2. TargetRockLeather

    Greetings from Long Island

    I've been reading these forums for several months and finally decided to register. I've been working with leather for a little over a year. Most of my projects have been knife sheaths and axe sheaths. I've recently started selling some of my projects on Ebay and have also done a couple of custom requests. I have also made a few attempts at tooling. I have much to learn in this area. Here are a few samples of some things I've done over the past few months.