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  1. Dark Ages decorative techniques?

    Thanks Andy that would be fantastic!
  2. Favourite time-waster

    Bloons Tower Defence 3 - can you get to level 50? http://www.ninjakiwi.com/Games/Tower-Defen...-Defense-3.html
  3. America the land of the ?

    You think you have it bad? In England patriotism is a dirty word associated with extreme right-wing movements. Flying the Union Flag is seen as disruptive and the flag of England is just something the soccer fans put out when the World Cup is on.
  4. Can anyone tell me what techniques were used in the Dark Ages to decorate leather? Perhaps show some examples? I'd like to do some work on that line, particularly a sheath for my seax knife but also for pouches and the like
  5. Yep, found out today I'm being made redundant from my shelf stacking job. Guess that means more time for leather...
  6. Dang, totally missed that reply! Thanks Mike I made a pick holder today for a friend - wish I'd got a strap end cutter, would've made the job easy. Anyhow, here's what I came up with... The back and strap are all one piece with a rivet holding the strap in place and providing somewhere for the split ring. I'll probably just put a couple of stitches in next time though, the leather I used is really light and even the small rivet was really too large for it.
  7. mask/crown thingy/wall hanging???

    Looks like a High Priestesses headdress to me beautiful!
  8. what are rivets for?

    I'd say get 1", you can always cut them back but it's hard to add length if you need it and the price is usually quite similar.
  9. what are rivets for?

    There you go, the long rivets are the 12's, the short thick ones are the 9's. The 9s come in different sizes, I chose the 1/2"
  10. what are rivets for?

    Peening is on one side only but you will ned a good hunk of something hard and heavy on the inside so you don't just knock it straight out, like a hammer head or a large cobblestone. Will go take some pics...
  11. what are rivets for?

    I have some of the 12's, want a pic doing so you can see what they are like, fittet and loose? Ihave an old dog harness I assembled using them.
  12. what are rivets for?

    Best thing for copper rivets is a ball peen hammer, does a much better job than any other setter I've used.
  13. New Pouch

    Very nice, I like that a lot
  14. Veg tan in the UK

    I'm looking for a good place to get veg tan in the UK, would have to be online as I don't currently drive due to Tourettes - I have really bad motor tics. Still, the meds will be sorted out tomorrow so I might be able to get back in the driving seat soon. Until then though, where is a good, preferably cheap, place to buy vegtan here online? I only really know of The Identity Store and Le Prevo.
  15. How i make my masks

    Great tutorial, I think I might have to find a 'mrs head' so I can try!