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  1. Kevin, Just seeing this. WIll look at what to do.

  2. It's funny to think about it, but my Black and Tan boots have been picked up from the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and are on their way back home to me. I've missed them!

    1. KAYAK45


      Why don't you post the pictures again. I for one cannot see them to many times and will always remember the inspiration. Still think they should have had hops leaves! LOL

  3. If wishes were fishes we'd all be fed.

  4. Hello Campchair,

    Please see below for an order of just five (5) please.

    Thank you,


  5. JimBob,

    I might well be interested. I'm a boot maker and this is the preferred model.

    Can you please tell me where you are located, and what you are asking for it?

    Thank you,


  6. I don't Clay. Hey, I appreciate the "Go to Forum" link on the front page. Thank you!

  7. Hello Campchair,

    My shop is in Prescott AZ. The address is 156 So. Montezuma

    Studio E

    Prescott, AZ. 86303

    928 442-1213

    I'd like 10 or so of your double prong buckles, when you get them going.

    Thank you,


  8. Can anyone tell me if we have a thread here on leather desktops. I got a call yesterday.

    1. KAYAK45


      I don't know about a thread but I did do one, twice! Firsttime OPERATOR ERROR. Redo was nice.

  9. Looking for the Pine Cone tutorial. Anybody? Thx.

    1. LNLeather


      top of the page - do a search for - pine cone - and you will get a lot of links to posts about that, including a link to a Free Tutorials from Paul Burnett, and it might be included in those... Hope this helps.

    2. Johanna


      Do you have the old doodle page?

    3. LNLeather


      Among other things,there is a set of FREE tutorials that you can sign up for and one of them is 'Tooling A Couple of Pine Cones' There is some really Great tooling info and expert advice available by Paul Burnett. http://paintingcow.com/content/

  10. Does anyone know who sells RM Williams Saddle Dressing for resale?

    1. rcsaddles


      Check with Tim at Tanglefoot Traders.

    2. Leatherimages
  11. Finally got the machinres moved in to the new shop. Now to make order of it.

    1. Stewart


      wife said i can't do a shop in amother room.

      till i can getinto the first room i messed up and I have only 2 tools. What the hey!!!!

    2. tat2


      WOuld love to see imags of your work set up!

  12. Thanks CG. Can't wait to show pictures.

  13. Signed the lease on a new location for my biz here in Prescott AZ. It'll be a full service leather shop.

    1. bison


      Congratulations! You're livin' my dream!

    2. Leatherimages


      Thanks. I finally made the decision to quit dreamin', and just do it! This feels like I'm bringing all 40 years of experiences to the dance. Stop in Prescott for a visit.

  14. Getting Mauled by the Bear are you?

    1. LNLeather


      Sounds like a good thing, doesn't it? I am so excited!

  15. Leather Jewelry is kinda new to me. Finished a pair of earings for my wife yesterday, will post pics later.

  16. A Videograher is comin' today.

  17. Today is St. Crispins Day, patron saint of shoe makers, and leather workers. Take the day off and enjoy a glass of scotch with a leather working friend, virtual or otherwise.http://www.thehcc.org/ Cheers!

  18. More Cowboy Wisdom: Polishing your pants on saddle leather don't make you a rider.

    1. LNLeather


      That's a good one - I never heard it before... I'll have to add it to my list

    2. Leatherimages


      Yeah, the person I was thinking of when I sited it is on my list too.

  19. I'm sure this was a very frustrationg time for you ladies. Thank you for your hard work for us all.

  20. I still have that Tippmann 1500 clicker for sale.

  21. Thank you Mokosh,

    Did you try breaking off the tip of your exacto blades yet?

  22. Thanks Doc,

    It's the beginnning of the sixth decade, and that seems like it should mean something. I'm thinking of legacy. Time to quit fartin' around.

  23. Welcome from Prescott