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  1. Khww

    Anyone know what is up with Knot Head World Wide site? I haven't been able to get on for a couple of days. I know Bryan sometimes posts here. Hope it is not down for good. Great tutorials on the site. flatlander
  2. http://myriam.dakotabraiding.com/Tutorials/4to8/4to8.html
  3. Anyone ever see this button?

    I stand corrrected by the very talented maker. Beautiful work. Flatlander
  4. Anyone ever see this button?

    It is a Ginfer knot, I think. 9 parts and 8 bights and is described in the Ron Edwards book round knots and braids. Since it is over 3 on the edges it covers round objects nicely. 2nd try flatlander
  5. braiding sheaths and pouches??

    I haven't tried to braid a whole sheath yet, but have messed around with braiding handles on old butcher knives and some of my stone knives. The attached aren't my best work, pictures of some of my first attempts, but you will get the idea. For some reason I couldn't do two pictures. I guess I don't know how to size them right! Anyway here is a second picture. Flatlander
  6. tempering rawhide

    I've been enjoying the discussion of different kinds of cutters to make rawhide strings. I was thinking a description of how you get your hard dry rawhide ready to cut would be interesting. I've heard everything from dunk it in the horse tank to put it in an old cooler with wet towels, ect ect. As a beginner, I find this one of the hardest things to do. If you get it just right it cuts like butter, however I can't consistantly get it "just right". Comments? Flatlander
  7. braided scarf slides

    Thanks folks. I'll give your way a go in the near future.
  8. braided scarf slides

    Newbie here. I have been braiding a few turkshead scarf slides. I have been a little disappointed in my outcomes. The problem is my foundations giving a "bumpy" look to my finished knot. I have been using rawhide and tying a 5 X 7 turkshead over a mandrel to make my foundation. What do you folks use for foundations for these slides? Flatlander