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  1. Need help with a Juki 441

    Thanks Steve; I'll give you a shout. Ridgely
  2. Howdy List, First time posting; have really enjoyed looking over the site. Brief history: I do English saddle/tack repair and custom work at a large tack shop. I've got three machines - a Campbell lock stitch which is outstanding for heavy duty work, a Nakajima (Juki)LU 341 which I use on all sorts of chap/lighter weight leather and nylon related items and is a very reliable workhorse. I own these two and a few years ago the store purchased a Juki 441 from Mast Harness right before Mast went out of business. (Good tip for anyone looking to purchase a new machine: when you weigh the costs don't forget to factor in customer sevice and support. It's invaluable.) We got the 441 specifically to stitch rubber grips (hand parts) to reins. Although the Campbell could easily handle the job the open eye of the needle tears the fabric of the grips and makes for a very shoddy looking job. That's the only bad thing I can say about my beloved Campbell ;>)! My problem is that the 441 skips stitches like crazy. It will crank out a batch of reins perfectly and then begin skipping and I just can't figure it out. Does anyone have any suggestions/thougts? Also, the friction wheel for the bobbin winder has a rubber O ring that has worn out. Know where I can pick up any replacements? Many thanks! Ridgely