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  1. 25 Auto Holster

    Its just a 5/8 inch strap end punch
  2. howdy gang been along while since ive posted here so i thought id post some of my newest holsters thats ive done they are for a 25 auto pistol and the pattern is from the vintage tandy holster pack enjoy and thanks for looking Tim
  3. Howdy gang just thought id get off my duff and post something worth while and that is my first ever pair of chaps and they will be in the World leather debut enjoy and thanks for lookin COwboy316
  4. Singer 132K6

    ok gang ive just bought a K6 and have now idea what im doing i was told a size 200 needles so i bought one from tandy to try but still getting my butt kicked i can get the tension right and it sew great for 6 stitches then starts missing any ideas on needles and thread and possible an owner manual ive been lookin online or a month any help would be greatful thanks Cowboy316
  5. Rayban i agree with yu if some one wants horse hide work then so be it in my opinion horse hide is pretty tuff stuff and can take a lot of abuse and it seems to mold great for like holsters and things like that so i say keep doing your fine work Tim (Cowboy316)
  6. my leather works

    heres a mix of some of the things ive been doing some are just prototypes to give ya the idea enjoy
  7. Sheridan Show Photo Album

    HOwdy Gang thanks for the kind words it means the world to me if it wasnt for the folks that enjoy my work i dont think id be doing what i do and enjoying as much as i do thanks again and hope to see as many as possible in Sheridan Cowboy316
  8. well gang its finally here the World Leather Debut in Sheridan Wyoming and i thought id show off the photo album i made for it this year its quite a jump from the cheesey spur straps i entered last year all the carving pattern is drawn by me with the assistance of Mr. Bob Park and im greatful for his help and everyone else that had a hand in the design and also a big thank you to Brian at Doublehock spur for making the conchos for the front and the spine of the album enjoy and see you in a few days in Sheridan Cowboy316
  9. Hey there Kid are you following me around the net next thing i know ill be bumpin into hya on Facebook LOL

  10. Dice Cup

    howdy gang just wanted to post finished pics of a custom dice cup i did for a local bar here in wyoming for those of ya on FB you got to see the progress from day one enjoy and thanks for the support and all the help Cowboy316
  11. New Makers Stamp

    Howdy gang just got my new makers stamp yesterday from Jeff Mosby and had to whip something out and put my stamp on it so here it is check it out and enjoy Cowboy316
  12. glad to her you are doing better allways trust in god you cant go wrong

  13. mmmm breaded and pan fried egg plant would have never thought id eat eggplant but boy

  14. A Miracle From God

    howdy gang thanks for all the kind words im greatful means the world to me knowing that you were here for me just got pics of the truck i was in and thought i might let ya have a peek LOL thanks again Cowboy316
  15. A Miracle From God

    Howdy Pards my heart was telling me this morning that i needed to let my leather working friends what happened to me yesterday when i was helping my friend feed cows we had just got done feeding and had pulled pack on to the highway and didnt have far to go to get back to the ranch turn and as we were turning left into the ranch we were hit by a semi that we never saw because of the sun shining in the mirrorswe got hit in the drivers door and spun several time before stopping in the ditch the only reason mt and my friend are still alive is the good LOrd above had his loving hands on both of us and also the fact we were in a 67 international pick up 100% american steel no one was hurt bad just bumps and bruises and i recieved a 8 inch gash on the back of my head that required 12 staples but all in all il be back to the bench in a few days but am taking the Bosses (my wife btw) advice in just relaxing for several days thanks pards for all your support and the support upcoming Cowboy316