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  1. Supposedly calf is stronger ounce for ounce because of fibers being closer together. I'd say in practice on most items the difference isn't significant enough to make a huge difference (though some here may disagree). Personally I'd think how it's tanned would make a much bigger difference than "cow or calf" I have some "Janus Calf" from CF Stead, it's soft and has a nude finish (meant for full-grain-suede shoes), I'm sure it's pretty strong, but it probably wouldn't hold up as well as a stiffer "boot leather" that's made of cow. I also have some thinner but stiff calf that I got as scrap from the same $$$ shoe company, it probably is more durable than a similar thickness "cow leather" but still not significantly so. I imagine if I made wallets our of each, the individual usage by the final customer would have a lot more to do with it than the original material. Scuffing, Abrasion, cracking all have more to do with the finish than the material and how well it's tanned- none of those things should be common in cow or calf. Stretching is gonna vary depending on the part of the hide, but probably not super different.
  2. 7 foot CXL sold. Willing to take offers on the Heavy Grey, especially if you want more than one side.
  3. 8 foot CXL sold. Olive Utica Sold. Wheat Dryden Sold.
  4. As most of you know, my primary business is making product but I tend to buy a bunch of "odd lots" I have some nice stuff I'm willing to pass on to the community. Buyer pays shipping from Ruby SC 29741 Here's the Album of the leathers (below I'll give the description and Pricing): First Pic is SB foot Olive Mohave. I believe it's called Olive, but it's really more tan/coyote than anything else. Have over 500 feet asking $2 per foot. I use this anytime I need to prototype something. 5oz roughly. Description from another side of Mohave: Mohave — Waterproof and stain resistant suede with a shorter and finer nap. Used by the military for soldiers boots. The grain side is buffed to remove imperfections and leaves a soft feel, great for unlined shoes or boots. So Basically it's a Nubuck, that's sometimes used for the suede side. Second one: Horween "Canoe" Utica. It's a russet/red color. One full side at 28.3 feet and a small piece roughly 2 feet. $84 plus shipping takes it ($3 per foot and the small piece gets thrown in). 5oz-5.5oz 3rd Leather is a really interesting leather. Horween also looks like Utica Tannage but not labeled as such. It gauges at 6oz-7oz so it's pretty heavy. Have 7 sides of this all around the 20-23 foot range. Asking $3 per foot 4th leather Green Utica (labeled olive), one side 21 feet 5oz-5.5oz Utica leathers are a soft toggled and tumbled leather with a "nude finish" not stiff at all, one site calls them "extremely pliable" 5th Picture is Horween "Wheat" Dryden. No full sides have lots of larger pieces 8ft, 2ft, 4ft, 5ft, 1ft, 2ft. Roughly 22 feet- $50 takes it. Leather is a yellowish nubuck, exactly the color you think of when you google "wheat timberland boots" 5oz-5.5oz Last pictures are Horween Chromexcel Glace Chicago Tan. Have 1 full side 18 foot and 2 pieces 7 foot and 8 foot (roughly). In the detailed picture you can see that "Glace" means it's been printed with a slight grain. $5 per foot. 5oz or so.
  5. Impressive. Love the way it turned out. Also really smart to make them "friction" with D rings. Lots of the "box store" versions of braided belts have you put a buckle through the braid, which will easily destroy it with time.... these should last and last.
  6. For most of us here on this forum, I think it's safe to say that recycled, eco, or bonded leather doesn't hold a very high place... it's basically leather dust and some sort of plasticy glue or binder. I feel that it's basically using the leather content to make you think it's better than other synthetics out there, but it's basically the same. If your really are concerned about the environmental impact or want good quality and "recycled" you could use scrap leather. Most of my bag like items are made from upholstery scrap, which you could say in a way is recycled but still high quality.
  7. Didn't forget about you: Can't give you the actual pattern but this should help. The wire is sewn into the edge with the trim.
  8. It depends on the product, simple pouches or bracelets, we can handle a number like 50K, but for handbags or wallets you'd be hard pressed to find a US company able to do that many in a reasonable amount of time. There are factories in countries like India or Pakistan who can do those numbers.
  9. As of today out of the Plum, looks I only started with about 3 sides. Still have more chili and grey. Thanks!
  10. I'm sorry but I think it's spoken for, unless for some reason payment doesn't go come through (people have left me hanging before)... If I happen to get more I'll PM you before listing.
  11. I'll be around, I'm pretty sure I've got just one left if all the payments come through in a reasonable amount of time. Current amounts are 6 of the Chili which is actually 3.5-4oz and 4 Cool Grey 4.0-4.5oz And one Plum.
  12. I thought they were asking about the background... the "old school" is probably one big stamp.
  13. Not at the moment, these were odd sides in a bigger lot.
  14. Colors "Chili", "Cool gray" and "plum" maybe more when I get it sorted out. It's actually all 4-5oz and some is 3.5-4oz. Pricing: $6 per foot I have about 100 feet each of each of the 3 colors. Roughly 25 foot sides. Pay shipping from Ruby SC 29741
  15. I didn't like to see the huge dump of product images for overseas made stuff, but maybe just making the images show up differently would help. Facebook for example handles huge dumps of pictures well "so and so uploaded 30 new pictures" and you only see a few, if you want more then you can click... IDK maybe that would help, because even with the legit folks here I sometimes see a string of a dozen or so picture from one person...