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  1. Selling on Etsy- clue me in? Please.

    100% correct, more sales channels means more visibility. I also consider part of the cost of both Etsy and my retail site to be “advertising” as they bring me tons of wholesale business after the company sees something and wants a customized or stamped version of an item. Since I’m 90% wholesale, the retail site is the best “bang for the buck” advertising money I’ve ever spent.
  2. Selling on Etsy- clue me in? Please.

    3% is the card processing but just having a secure hosted site has a per month cost that you have to price out over the sales you have, still far less than Ebay or Etsy, but more than 3% for sure...at least for me.
  3. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    Sent you an invoice.
  4. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    Tan Smooth Sold out.
  5. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    You can call during business hours, I’m not sure what we did before... if you give your PayPal address I can get you an invoice. jus let me know
  6. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    Sorry no more regatta...
  7. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    Pebble Black has sold!
  8. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    $12 should cover you, you're fairly close
  9. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    Substantially softer It’s just over 4lbs but I can call it 4 if that works for you.
  10. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    More like pre-tanned...it’s basically that blue grey color that you sometimes see in work gloves.
  11. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    Probably 2-3, I can check on Monday.
  12. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    It’s called “wet blue” basically a pre-tanning that keeps the hides from rotting. SB Foot leather arrive to them in that stage: http://www.sbfoot.com/process.html
  13. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    One pound of any of the colors. Is fine by me. I've never bought scrap any other way.
  14. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    I knew I wasn't crazy...
  15. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    So square footage like you're looking at a cost of roughly 4-4.5 feet per lb. It's not rocket science 16oz to 1lb. 3oz this leather means 16 divided by 3= 4.51, So roughly 4.5 feet per lb. Most scrap is sold by the pound since measuring odd shaped pieces of scrap is pretty hard to do accurately, I'm not a big tannery with laser measuring machines...