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  1. "Genuine" Leather

    Unfortunately that's getting common but you'll lose out on a few "good products" if you make that a hard and fast rule. I recently saw an LL Bean Full Grain belt stamped Genuine Leather. Red Wing Heritage also stamps it on some pretty awesome boots....
  2. "Genuine" Leather

    So legally genuine leather means it has to be actual leather or suede (and not bonded), so when they're being honest and using low quality leather it's a bad kind of leather called a finished split. A finished split is actually suede covered in a thick layer of paint or PU to make it look like top/full grain. This strategy makes for bad leather because it like trying to make a smooth dance floor by covering shag carpet with paint or a tarp...it looks ok but with use the fuzzy underlayer effects the top finish. This isn't to say that the company didn't just outright lie and label a complete synthetic as "genuine leather." One more side point...there's a bit of marketing out there that claims that "genuine leather" is a specific kind/grade of leather... this is false: Both Red Wing Heritage and LL Bean have "genuine leather" stamped on some of their high quality full grain products.
  3. Looking to have a wallet made

    You might want to rethink trifold if you want as small as possible: if you're carrying cash a trifold makes for more bulk not less.
  4. Black and Brown H.A.A.S. Calf

    Hi Kevin, I do have a bit of tan left from the same batch of scrap leather, I don't see the HAAS stamp on is but it's similar and from the same shoe company so there's a good chance it is HAAS.
  5. Looking for suggestions for leather for patches.

    No a leather called "Old Breen Saddle" from SB Foot
  6. Looking for suggestions for leather for patches.

    About anything the right shade would work...with laser you kinda gotta test it and play with your settings.
  7. Looking for suggestions for leather for patches.

    The problem with veg, for any kind of garment patch is that it can lose form if they try to toss it in the washing machine. I do all sorts of leather patches and cut them on the clicker and heat emboss them.
  8. New member from NC

    Welcome to the craft, where abouts in NC are you? I'm right on the NC/SC border in the small town of Ruby SC.
  9. SB Foot Premium Leathers (AKA Featherstone) $4.50 per foot

    It's either Cigar or Teak, the difference is very subtle, so much so that I couldn't take a picture that accurately captures it.
  10. SB Foot Premium Leathers (AKA Featherstone) $4.50 per foot

    Yep! Still have plenty of all of them.
  11. Selling on Etsy- clue me in? Please.

    100% correct, more sales channels means more visibility. I also consider part of the cost of both Etsy and my retail site to be “advertising” as they bring me tons of wholesale business after the company sees something and wants a customized or stamped version of an item. Since I’m 90% wholesale, the retail site is the best “bang for the buck” advertising money I’ve ever spent.
  12. Selling on Etsy- clue me in? Please.

    3% is the card processing but just having a secure hosted site has a per month cost that you have to price out over the sales you have, still far less than Ebay or Etsy, but more than 3% for sure...at least for me.
  13. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    Sent you an invoice.
  14. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    Tan Smooth Sold out.
  15. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    You can call during business hours, I’m not sure what we did before... if you give your PayPal address I can get you an invoice. jus let me know