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  1. 2 industrial clicker presses for sale - Swhabe 25 ton, Fales

    Location will be helpful for anyone interested.
  2. Duffel Bag Prototypes

    Thanks all!
  3. Duffel Bag Prototypes

    Copper Rough and tough version being sent to client.
  4. Duffel Bag Prototypes

    Just super thin upholstery weight Leather without much “stand up”. Also probably a little wrinkly before I started.
  5. Duffel Bag Prototypes

    Should have a full Copper Rough and Tough prototype coming through soon to send to one of my biggest wholesale accounts.
  6. Duffel Bag Prototypes

    Taking the common dopp kit pattern, I've worked up larger a 3 piece duffel bag. The final design will get some D-rings on the end and a shoulder strap, shorter handles and a nice brass zipper. Did and early one-piece version out of thinner leather just to test the proportions:
  7. Feedback on our Leathergoods website

    Another factor of why it's important to use your location and phone number is that it separates you from the "instabrands" that have been popping up. This day in age it's hard to distinguish somebody who's making something from someone who's plugged pictures into a website template and is dropshipping from somewhere else. An address or at least a city and state can reassure the customer that you're real and not a reseller.
  8. That's just dumb that they wouldn't tell you...you could ask "hey I have some "x" weight leather, will it work?" I got a mention here but they're right, you'll end up paying a lot for shipping if you just want a little leather.
  9. Buckle Kits for Sale

  10. Buckle Kits for Sale

    I've had someone commit to buying, I'll let you know if it falls through. I haven't posted yet because he is supposed to call and hasn't yet.
  11. Both are un marked. The left one has an attachment that appears to let you replace the blade itself (it pinches it, if that makes sense).
  12. Crazy Assortment of Pre braided belting and such

    You'll be surprised at how much of it there is, I hope you put it to good use.
  13. Crazy Assortment of Pre braided belting and such

    Sold pending (your) payment.
  14. Page one of this post basically everything below the picture of the number set.
  15. Vintage Stamps with Handles Random Tools Chisels, snap setters, etc Metal Strap Cutter Most of the edgers and stitching wheels (Osborne labeled ones are gone) Swivel Knives Midas Skiver Speedy Stitcher Common 3D stamps Crafttools 1 Medium letterset 2 small lettersets Buckle Kits from my other listing Moneyclip Kits from the other listing random rolls of braided belt material