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  1. Hair on Upholstery Scrap $2 per pound

    Thanks for posting! Those look great!
  2. Handcutting vs Press Cutting

    Kinda what I was getting at...though I do own 6 clickers.
  3. Handcutting vs Press Cutting

    You might be able to even do mallet dies- getting a clicker is a whole big thing. There are some DIY cutting presses, but it really depends on your volume.
  4. Handcutting vs Press Cutting

    I'd say dies are objectively better in almost every aspect. Unless your customer is really into the idea of "wabi sabi" (beauty in imperfection), 90% of people are going to prefer "what you see is what you get" as opposed to "expect some variation because of hand cutting. I get a lot more folks complaining when something isn't perfect than I do from folks who want it "more natural." There are tons of die makers- do you have a clicker or other press?
  5. Hair on Upholstery Scrap $2 per pound

    I have some Bourbon SB Foot as well as some bourbon from Tasman (both a tannage called Nappa), but obviously they're more useful for the stuff I make. $4 per foot on the SB Foot $3 on the Tasman.
  6. Hair on Upholstery Scrap $2 per pound

    I don’t mind a bit :-)
  7. Hair on Upholstery Scrap $2 per pound

    Buying more to use than to resell, but if you have anything you're looking for I can sell you stuff at a reasonable price.
  8. Hair on Upholstery Scrap $2 per pound

    Sure I still have plenty. Hording is what I do as well. Have about 3000 of mixed SB Foot leather coming in on a deal I couldn't pass up.
  9. Black and Brown H.A.A.S. Calf

    I didn't notice this sorry... sure I do, still have enough!
  10. Veg tan with a pull up?

    I'd say that the there are exceptions to every rule... I'd suspect that soft veg-tan won't burnish well and than some "dryer" chrome will burnish fine. As far as Veg-tan with pullup, it's 100% possible: Horween's Dublin is Veg and Pullup.
  11. How do I get a Logo into Pull-Up Leather?

    Pull up is also a little more problematic when it comes to getting a logo that's going to stay readable and also look nice. The heat from the embossing will change the color (sometimes not in the most attractive way) plus as you "work the leather" the color changes of pull up can make the logo less visible. Over the years I've learned that with pull up it's better to have logos that "cut" more as opposed to larger logos that would press down a "fatter" area unless they're very simple. The attached "Gorilla Killa" logo is in Copper Rough and Tough (a pull up leather) and it looks good because the lines all cut in. Whereas the shotgun shell logo in natural CXL is much less striking because of the wide pressed down area and fine lines within (this logo looks good on "normal leather"). The Logo on the pouch picture is "fat" but it's very simple so it ends up looking good in pullup because the heat actually evens out the color. Hotter is better- as long as it's not actually burning the leather.
  12. Hello and Goodbye

    It's been a long while since I've had any problems, though I don't post as much as I used to.
  13. Pull Up Embossed Large Upholstery Scrap $2 per pound

    Found more about the leather: https://www.mooreandgiles.com/leather/shop/venetian/
  14. Pull Up Embossed Large Upholstery Scrap $2 per pound

    Yeah I've got it, I'll get it in a box and a total.
  15. Pull Up Embossed Large Upholstery Scrap $2 per pound

    Actually it gauged at 2.5-3oz