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  1. Black and Brown H.A.A.S. Calf

    Still have some of all varieties: A good bit of smooth brown, a little less of the smooth black, still some pebble black. I also have some I’d call “tan”
  2. Multi-key hardware

    I might be able to give you slightly better pricing than OTB, I have some that I use in these: http://www.nstarleather.com/optimizer/product/125.html As well as a 6 key version in antique brass without the one giant hook. Let me know how many you'd want. Thanks!
  3. https://imgur.com/a/4YyJ5 I've got some assorted Hair on scrap for sale: $2 per pound (makes it under $1 per foot) pieces are pretty large (see pictures). Most is a brindle pattern, but I also have some biege as well as white and grey. Upholstery weight and feel around 3-3.5oz. 10lb minimum. Ships from SC shipping not included. Willing to talk discounts for 50lbs or more.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/dcUyp So I've been building up this scrap that comes from an upholstery place and have no good use for it. It's **very** distressed kinda crackly finish. If your clients are they type to like pre-ripped jeans, then this is the stuff for you. It's about 3.5-4oz actually makes an OK wallet or ID case. Pieces are large easily over 2 feet each. Asking $2 per pound (way under $1 per foot) 10 pound minimum. Anybody want's over 50lbs I'm wing to cut a better deal.
  5. Is this real or faux leather?

    I've seen lots of corrected and embossed upholstery leather but never a finished split... they just don't wear well long term in an application like upholstery. I'd be surprised if it's a "finished split", suede that's been smoothed, but it's likely that it is corrected grain as in sanded then finished. Could also be a cheaper thinner leather like goat. I've seen lots of corrected and embossed upholstery leather but never a finished split... they just don't wear well long term in an application like upholstery.
  6. Is this real or faux leather?

    I'd say with about 90% certainty that it's real. You can see the edges look like unfinished leather (faux leather would look more like cut plastic). Add to that the fact that the last picture shows grain of varying sizes: tighter/smaller near the zipper and bigger on the other panel.
  7. Ever hear of J.Z. Horter Co?

    I just went to Google.es and searched it and it comes up as "La Habana" in Maps, so yep in Spanish it's done with the B... But even in English apparently it can be spelled a lot of ways: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havana_(disambiguation) So it's a good bet that they are talking about the capital of Cuba, no matter how they're spelling it. ...it's common to say "V de Vaca, or B de Burro" to distinguish when spelling something out in Spanish.
  8. Ever hear of J.Z. Horter Co?

    Seems strange but possible that Habana is Havana, since in Spanish "v" and "b" make the same sound...though you'd think they spell it right on a stamp.
  9. Black and Brown H.A.A.S. Calf

    Glad you liked it. I still have a good bit of the brown and black pebble. Not tons of the black smooth left.
  10. Hello people

    Sure, we'll see when we get back to Europe again, we love it, so much history. You have to realize that in here in the USA, sites much over 200 years old are very uncommon. It's amazing to visit cities that have been around for thousands of years.
  11. Hello people

    I love the campo, the town I live in has a population under 3,000 and the town our shop is in is under 300. I could never live in the city again. In Madrid, I actually stayed with family in Cobeña which was beautiful, but the bus to get to the city center was a little long...if we go again we'll stay closer to the center. We did the typical day trips to Toledo, Segovia, and Avila.
  12. Hello people

    We were there in early September so people were coming back to work... We were visiting some family in Madrid and had been to Paris and Barcelona first. We didn't have much problem with traffic because the Metro is great, kind of like NYC.
  13. Where I get my leather

    Now it's been years since we've been back... we used to do a family reunion and a small craft festival there, but it's been more than 10 years. My dad's been here in SC since before I was born and I'm 35...he doesn't miss "Lake effect snow"
  14. Hello people

    Hi just got back form Barcelona and Madrid, you have a beautiful country. Welcome! My Spanish is good so if you can't explain in English, hit us with the Spanish and we can do our best. That being said some of the things it's been hard (for me) to translate are the specific terms we use: Skiver, Clicker, Splitter, etc. But if yo're descriptive we can figure out what you're talking about.
  15. H.A.A.S Tannery Calf for sale, large pieces

    Understandable...It's a deal for H.A.A.S. but still not exactly cheap.