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  1. SB Foot 4.5-5oz Olive Sids $2 per foot

    They seem to be on the smaller side of things so something like 18-23 more or less.
  2. SB Foot 4.5-5oz Olive Sids $2 per foot

    Yes I sure do!
  3. SB Foot Leathers

    Just straight up brown edge Kote... we keep it simple.
  4. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    I'll try to get something next week: it's basically a big capital letter H on it's side. Think a rectangle with 2.5"x5" cutouts in the center.
  5. Show your Shop

    No worries, my favorite part of visiting Europe is the amazing really old buildings...
  6. Show your Shop

    I'm sorry I should have said- "USA Old"... most of the Southern United States was burned to the ground around the time of the civil war. Even then there isn't much of anything in the USA that dates to the early 1700's.
  7. Great site I found with the best thread I have came across!

    I'm not really a leather seller but if you check the Leather and Lace section in the For Sale section of this site you can see some of what I have. Best deal I've had that's anything like what you've got there is some HAAS Calf scrap by the pound- I've still got some left, though I'm not sure how big you need the pieces.
  8. Show your Shop

    You're welcome anytime!
  9. Show your Shop

    So yes it's always a balance of when to say "yes" to "assorted deals"....so very frequently I get offered a full pallet or pallets either at incredibly good prices per foot or sometimes by the lb. Most black or brown I can put into standard stock. With "odd lots" that are just slightly under the "regular price" I buy specific leathers that I have an immediate use for. The hardest ones to know aboutare sight-unseen scrap deals: I once bought 12000lbs of scrap from Alden by the pound and it was great (Barenia, Horween, HAAS, CF Stead, etc) but then the other day I bought 10000lbs from Levy's Guitar straps in Canada and it was much much less useful (smaller and less valuable stuff.) The problem is that if I say "No" the next time Alden has scrap to sell, they'll sell to somebody else, and it will be the last time I get it. The same goes for other deals I get offered. I also have a guy who shows up every couple weeks with a couple hundred lbs of mixed upholstery scrap at .75 per pound. This goes into mixed embossed pouches. I just finished a run of 750 for a specific customer so that's where the mixed upholstery goes. On the other hand, sometimes I have to drop serious cash on a specific leather. My biggest upcoming expense is a bunch of black corrected grain smooth that gets used in name badges that I'll have to buy thousands of feet of at $3.60, no choice but to pay what I have to. Of if a customer wants white pouches...white scrap is rare so it's buying full hides a full price (and charging accordingly, of course). I can measure a stand when I get in, I have a guy who builds them for me, but they're not cheap. We call them "horses" and each has 4 heavy duty wheels.
  10. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    Nope just cut it with a clicker and clean up with a shop vac right after. It’s horribly messy. If I have hair-on to do, I do it all at once.
  11. Black and Brown H.A.A.S. Calf

    Sure pm or email me your address and PayPal address and I can get you a total and invoice. nstarleather@shtc.net
  12. Show your Shop

    Mostly finished goods, by a large margin. I just sell a little here and there when it’s stuff I’ll not use immediately or have an excess. Thing about buying “deals” is that you sometimes have to keep saying “yes” if you ever want to get the same deal again.
  13. Variations on a theme- More totes!

  14. Show your Shop

    Is t showing off if I let everybody know that that’s warehouse #1 of 2 and the picture is taken from the upstairs?
  15. Show your Shop

    17 total though two work at home...and some are part time. 4 are family. I can’t claim a favorite, if really depends on what I’m making.