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  1. I'd totally agree with that! Basically "if they do it right, no"... that being said, because more veg tends to be hand dyed, if you were to randomly take 100 veg-tan (not veg left natural) products from 100 different makers and 100 chrome-tanned products, you'd have more staining with the veg...
  2. Where I get my leather

    Thanks Everybody! I got a comment on my blog with a complaint that I didn't give info about the actual suppliers. It's not a trade secret you can just go to SB Foot's website and look at where to buy and you'll have most of them. The reason I didn't list the specific suppliers is double: I didn't want the post be become just a list of leather suppliers with a description of who sells what (there are plenty of those out there.) My suppliers deal large quantities, it'd disappoint any hobbyist who would call (this has happened before) and it'd bother these folks who only deal in the hundreds and thousands of feet. Anybody who has a specific need for a large quantity, PM me and I'll pass you a lead.
  3. Where I get my leather

    Hey Folks, I get asked a lot about sourcing...it also gets brought up a bunch in general. I have a little different angle on it because of the volume I do. Here's the post: https://nstarleather.wordpress.com/2017/08/15/hey-man-where-do-you-get-your-leather/ Hit me with any comments or questions.
  4. Yep just some sort of cording as the core... you can actually buy foam cording just for this...I think I may have some lying around from years ago. Really any round cord will work. I'd recommend something nylon if you use a braided cord so you can burn to seal the ends.
  5. I'm 90% wholesale but that only works for a certain kind of business. I usually get doubts when I find out they want "distributor prices", as in they want to wholesale the items... with today's world of the internet the whole idea of making money as a middleman that way is going to die out. If the manufacturer is easily found, why not just go direct? I've done lots of "promotional" swag for movies and TV (Ash v Evil Dead, Son of Anarchy to name a couple) before mostly though a 3rd party who specialized in that stuff but more and more I'm getting contacted directly.
  6. Great guess! You are remarkably close, $6.50 would probably have been around $7 shipped... As I sad in the previous comment, I think it's possible that some of these companies just go to us with absurdly low targets so they can go to the boss/customers and say "we tried to source from USA but it was too expensive"
  7. I'm surprised someone from Pakistan would bother trying to source from here...I get calls all the time with people wanting to sell me stuff, but the overseas inquires to buy are usually only Europe or Japan. I have a suspicion, that this guy had a buyer who wanted "Made in USA" and he was just going through the motions to get a price quote to scare him back to the foreign made stuff. No offense to NVLeatherWorx, but I can tell from the retail prices that the Pakistani buyer probably never had any intention of buying the belts (if they bothered to look), and there are even a few "cheaper made USA options" out there, but I expect he was looking for a higher price to come back with. Just a theory. I heard a story of something similar about some catalog companies that sold patriotic merchandise, they'd have a crazy-high price they could quote if somebody got upset about their "American" stuff being made in the developing world.
  8. So it's been 24 hours, lets end the game. They needed me to come in under......... $6.50 Many of you actually came close (if anyone can make these for that, PM me and I'll pass it along)... The purpose of this post was to show the importance of asking the question right out of the gate, some people are shy about asking "How much are you expecting to pay?" but in the end, you save hours of calculations, or even design. At the very least you save yourself a bunch of back and forth email with design questions. For me, I would have taken the time to price it out at around $15 and would have said "yes probably" for anything above $20, but with $6.50 I knew there was no way I could do it for even double...
  9. I'm a production shop with 17 employees and I wouldn't promise 500 in a week.
  10. Yes I'm a production shop, not something I already make...I believe the inquiry was from a reseller to other resellers, but I'm not sure.... didn't get that far.
  11. Cutting Boards 'n' stuff

    Basic shapes run around $60... a mystery braid with 5 strands runs about $150... if that expIains more clearly...
  12. Cutting Boards 'n' stuff

    No I can usually get a wood filled steel rule for under $100 for simple shapes and rarely over $200 even for complex ones... Just know what you need: woodfilled are cheapest, then open steel-rule, then forged...
  13. So far everyone is high, but much more in the ballpark than the folks on Reddit... I had guesses of $145, $80, $50, etc...
  14. $20 wow! No shot in the dark to what they might have expected?
  15. So just to clarify, for me it's die cut with clicker I own, customer buys the cutting dies, machine sewn, self-feeding foot powered riveter. I'd say you may be underestimating the footage a little. The main piece is almost a foot plush the other two pieces (divider and pocket), so just guessing but with waste maybe 1.5-2 feet cut.