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  1. Yes Tandy has some good stuff for starting out and small orders but I don't think any of us "larger scale" makers use Tandy Regularly.
  2. Glad to hear that! Just sharing the love. Still have some of all the colors.
  3. I'll say, I couldn't start a business like this today. I've got a lot to thank my Dad for. This place started in 1969 and I've got lots of machines, leather, contacts, and wholesale customers that will help me keep this place going when he retires...he'll be 70 this year.
  4. Yeah that can happen, lots of people tend to envy those of us who run a business without knowing what's involved. I tell my employees, that they don't realize what a blessing it is to be able to "leave work at work" which is something no business owner can ever do. We have to be thinking and working and working out problems in our heads long after business hours. I do enjoy it, and make sure I set some limits so it won't take away all my "down time" or priorities, but I'm able to do that because we're pretty well established, and I don't have to invest the time and energy into it that my Dad did when he started.
  5. Judging by the folks on this forum, I'd say that prolonged exposure can cause insanity , but thankfully, I've been working around it so long I can no longer smell it, so that means I'm safe .
  6. Thanks glad you like it! I was impressed by the size as well.
  7. It's a dark bold orange. More bright/orange than shows in the picture. Its from Shinola, here's a product they sell in it: https://www.lyst.com/accessories/shinola-essex-leather-ipad-mini-case-navy/?product=JFYJUUP&reason=related-product
  8. For cutting out specific shapes. Some look like decorative shapes, some look like fringe, others are just rectangles... honestly I've never used any of them. I think we picked them up from another leather worker in a lot and they've been sitting in my shop since.
  9. Have this Essex scrap in Grey, Orchid, and Bold Orange. It's tumbled and about 4oz-4.5oz. Pieces are pretty large: Hammer and 15" ruler for scale. Have like 25lbs of the Orchid, 30ish of the grey and 150 of the Orange (though I may not sell all of that). $6 per pound for over 10lbs $7 per pound for any smaller amounts.
  10. Bump for this. I'm getting tired of looking at these. I'll take $250 and include shipping anywhere within the USA. Thanks!
  11. No it's less than that, some of the "early bird rewards" were as little as $13 with free shipping. Lots of the backers are for multiple band deals.
  12. Didn't do the video, if the project is self explanatory and simple good pictures are enough.
  13. Yes but Kickstarter gets 5%+3% to card processing, and shipping is included in that $700 number. Still happy with the profit but factors anyone considering it should know.
  14. So we made it a total of $701 Pledged so far, so I will be making these bands...Still have some stretch goals and 22 days left. So far so good.
  15. I don't really have a pattern I could easily send but I can give you simple measurements for the design: Big rectangle 8 7/8" by 2 7/8" and pockets are Roughly 3.5" x 2 7/8" make the "scoop" and rounding of corners to your taste... Where you stitch the top line will vary depending on the thickness of your leather and the clip you use.