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  1. Very nice work. What is a "Threepersons rig"? Cheers, Malcolm
  2. Akansas Stones

    Thank you, I'll give it a try.
  3. Akansas Stones

    I recently bought an Arkansas stone for knife sharpening. With this stone, I am getting fantasticly sharp knives but find the stone gets clogged easily. Can anyone guide me as to what lubricant to use during sharpening and how to best clean the stone. Many thanks, Malcolm
  4. Thank you Jim, for all the time, hard work ,and effort that went into preparing this tutorial. I enjoyed reading it and will enjoy tying out the ides on projects of my own. Many thanks. Malcolm
  5. Thickness conversion

  6. Malcolm' s Stuff

    Some of my favourites.
  7. My Stuff

    I have tended in the past to make items only to order. I mean.I f someone wants a bag or whatever, I make it and they buy it. What I would like to do now is make things for sale without a previous order. Your comments on my work woukld be welcome. Malcolm
  8. Good evening all, I have been lokking for information on the respective properties of "oil" and "spirit" dyes for years. I have learnt more from you Marlon in the last five minutes than from anyone else. Thank you. Now having decided to dilute with say Industrial Methylated Spirits, the one without blue dye, to what extent should one dilute? 1:1, 1:2 etc.
  9. Notebook

    Billiant design, the horse and cross are great additions but do not swamp the rest. Great work.
  10. Beatifully done. how do you get the two dye colours to stay separate