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  1. I love it, both the old Iron and the new holster. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Small Revolver Holster

    That is absolutely first rate.....not to sure about the pink camo on a handgun, but love the holster. LOL
  3. Don't store brass cartridges in leather. Nickle plated cases fare a little better.
  4. Now that is a thing of beauty. Would love to see the N frame in it. Very nice indeed.
  5. I would think a half or full flap holster would be the ticket.
  6. Al Stohlman and his wife were wonderful leatherworkers and great teachers...but looking at his holster designs I wonder just how often he carried a firearm. It might be heresy but his shoulder holster design is an implement of torture and sticking the bbl. out the end of the holster seems contrary to one of the basic purposes of gunleather. I understand it is popular on TV, but I will take mine full length.... ;-} The customer pays the piper so he gets to call the tune.
  7. Why would you cut them down? I don't get this. Is it a Hollywood thing. I have a 4 5/8" Ruger blackhawk and I want the barrel covered. Those are beautiful holsters, please don't mess them up.
  8. Um, the slide on a Glock is steel.
  9. I like both of them, particularly the Avenger...except for the 3/8" of barrel showing.....what was the customer thinking?
  10. Scorpion Tool Bag

    That is really nice!
  11. Adult area on Leatherworker.net

    Please sign me up if you will....I have more than enough gray hair to prove I qualify. Thanks
  12. Stuck In The Mud... Advice Wanted!

    If I understand you correctly, you are getting bogged down as you are stopped and load the van. Try carrying 4 2x12x48"planks, put them down and park/stop on them. That should give you a wide enough footprint to stop you from sinking in. Once loaded drive off without stopping until you reach solid ground, then retrieve your planks. The planks can also be used in conjuction with jacks to lift bogged down wheels, place a plank under to free yourself.