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What is the maximum thickness of leather, thread and needle for this machine?


3/16" cloth material - #69 thread - #18 needle

It is very unlikely that this machine can sew anything other than cloth. If you try to sew leather it will not feed properly, unless you convert the pressor foot, feed dog and throat plate to a roller set. There are also special flat feet with rollers inside them and Teflon feet, to help garment machines feed leather better. This will feed soft chrome tan leather, possibly up to 3/16 inch total thickness. You could use this setup to make leather vests and skirts, or to repair zippers in light leather, denim and vinyl jackets and pants.

No doubt, this machine was used to make garments and is setup for very high speed operation. You will need to replace the motor pulley to a 2" pulley and get a matching shorter v-belt. You'll have to feather the clutch for slower speeds, but it will still want to go to the races, because of the small top pulley, on the back of the head.

BTW: The maximum stitch length is listed as 7 stitches per inch. This is okay for leather garments, using #69 nylon, or #20 or #30 mercerized cotton thread (with a #18 needle).

Another thing: the machine has no reverse lever. It only sews forward.

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