Hand Press Setting Dye For Glove Snaps

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Does anyone know where I can purchase setting dyes for 10mm glove snaps to use with a hand press? The

Universal omega dye at Tandy leather does not work on glove snaps.Does anyone have one they do not want or tell me how to make one? I'm thinking about cutting off the hand setter to fit in the press . Anyone tried that before? I'm using fish leathers to make fashion accessories and the larger snaps are not as attractive, too clunky. Thanks!

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Sorry to reply so late to this topic, but I'm a new member and just now read it.

I have a Tandy hand press and I decided the rivet setters to fit the press are entirely too expensive, so I cut off the hand setters and they work perfectly in the press.

I have set more than 5,000 rivets with it and it keeps on tickin'.

I also use Tandy snap setters in the press, but the hand setters are a different diameter than the press, so I had to buy the snap setters Tandy sells for the press. Ouch, that hurt.

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