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I've had a couple horse people ask me about these and i thought I'd explain what they are and show you the ones I have for sale currently. I also do custom orders. These really ought to be called rhythm bells because they are used by riding instructors to help their students hear along with 'feel' when they are out of rhythm with their horse. They are used with eventers such as barrel racers to 'hear' when a horse makes a wide turn, and help with areas to work on. Dressage riders use these frequently because that is such a precise sport. Trail riders are also starting to use these to 'warn' small critters they are coming so you don't get that adrenalin rush of a rabbit jumping right, your horse jumping left, and you somewhere in the middle.

This first one I made will always be one of a kind. I used a good braided English rein, conditioned it, and repeated the same rainbow patter all the way around. Putting two pieces of leather thong through a pony bead is hard, this took forever, so this one is not a consideration for a custom order, well unless you want to pay a lot more :-) These are all handmade, and not the cheap cheesy things you see on the net, all of them are on a backing. All of them, including custom orders are $35.00 plus $5.00 for shipping priority mail.

I have the rainbow set on leather, a set with round rawhide braiding on ANOTHER English rein with just a few blue beads, and a yellow set I just made with a 5/8ths tapestry trim backing. These are so light I don't think any horse would mind them. The braid trim has so many colors in it, I'm going to do more sets in just one color, blue, green, etc.

PM me if you'd like a custom set. They don't cost anymore just allows you to pick out the colors, or not have beads if you prefer. I'm only set up to take paypal at this point. Thanks, Cheryl

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I have many mares staring :-) I haven't posted these here before, I'm kinda lost on where they fit, but these are my own design of a horse's eye that has been improved and become leather art with tons of help at this forum. Cheryl

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