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Wyosheen Finish

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I was using Bag Kote then decided to try some Wyosheen. I first had a problem with Fiebing's Oil dye rubbing off the moment I applied the Wyosheen. I started using Fiebings spirit dyes only after that. The look and feel of the result is great with Wyosheen but it doesn't seem to be sealing dye into the flesh side as well as Bag Kote. Has anyone else done comparisons of these finishes side by side? I have read all over and haven't found anyone who can offer real comparisons with these products.

I do find people often have different results but I love the look and feel of Wyosheen and wish I could get it to seal dye into the flesh side better. A few old timers I have ran into at the leather store say Neatlac (Wyosheen) is the greatest stuff there is, but maybe I am doing it wrong. I have tried applying it with a sponge, wool, and cloth, with thick and thin coats.

Also, does anybody on here do multiple coats with Neatlac or Wyosheen?

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