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I am closing my pet collar and leash business and the entire contents of my workshop has to go. I have a good supply of hardware (collar and leash buckles, rivets, misc), fluids (angelus leather dye, big bottle of resolene, small bottles of Angelus leather paint, etc), hand tools (small selection of tooling/carving stuff, hole punches, rotary cutter, letter stamp sets, etc), a few larger tools (leather splitter, lace cutter), and leather (latigo and tooling, from 2/3 up to 9/10, most leather is Hermann Oak, also most leather is cut into strips for collars or 4" strips for easy storage and accessibility). Also have misc other stuff, like mailing envelopes, books and patterns. Located in Portland, OR, and willing to ship or deliver if you are close enough. Even leather will ship pretty easily since it is cut into strips and will fit in boxes nicely. Please let me know if you are interested in more details, and I will work on my inventory so I know exactly what I have and set asking prices. Thanks for your time!

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PM Sent

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I am interested in the leather strips.

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Stella202, I got all the leather and all the dyes from her yesterday. They still have lots of hardware available and hand tools.

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Hi, for an update on what is still available, all leather has been sold as well as dyes and rivets. Still available is splitter and lace cutter, assorted hand tools, and hardware, mostly for dog collars and leashes. If you are interested in hardware PM me and I can go into more detail. Here is a listing of everything else I have and prices I am hoping to get for them:

I have three stamp alphabets, all from Tandy, 1/4" plain, 1/2" and 3/4" more ornate. This is the 1/4": and the others are this style: I am asking $20 for the 1/4", $25 for the 1/2", and $30 for the 3/4" or $65 takes them all.

I also have a decent selection of hand stamps, mostly standard ones (beveler, veiner, background, pear shader, etc) but also a basketweave, and a larger flower and butterfly. There are 14 stamps total, and I'm asking $2.50 each, or $30 takes them all.

I also have a selection of hand tools,

a nice awl with changeable tip ($15)

edge beveler ($3)

french skiver ($3)

overstitch wheel ($10)

3/4" oval punch ($10)

stitching groover ($10)

heavy duty 1" circle punch ($18)

2lb anvil ($5)

strap cutter ($10)

two swivel knives ($5 pair)

wooden stitching pony ($10)

skiver ($5)

$80 takes these all

I also have a splitter and lace cutter:

lace cutter ($30)

splitter ($150)

You pay to ship, but since everything will fit in flat rate boxes it shouldn't be bad. Everything is in really good condition, particularly the lace cutter and splitter, both in original packaging and very lightly used.

Let me know if you have questions or need pics.

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