Appartement And Leatherworking

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That tool from elfitakorea is very interesting but it would only work for small objects. I live in an appartement and what I do is as someone said above, not to use the maule before 11:00am and not after 19:00pm.

I don't use granit but a block of hard plastic that I put on my legs when seated to hammer. Also I have found that depending on where I am seated in the room the noise change a bit, same thing with the angle the maule hit the tool you're using.

Sometimes I put all my stuff into a bag and I go outside and sit on a bench to hammer, then I come back home to stitch.

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I have seen these at leather shows and they are much quieter than a manual hammer.

I also recommend a 2 ton arbor press for all 3D stamps and lettering, etc and a rivet press for snaps, rivets etc.

Last resort:

Image result for vicious dogs

That should keep the complaints to a minimum

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