Texas Custom Dies 12 Ton Leather Press In Colorado Springs, Co ($100.00 Or Best Offer)

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Hi Guys,

My wife and I are moving away from steel dies in our workshop and we're looking to free up some space by selling off our leather press.

Just to tell you a bit about it, we bought it back in 2011 from Kirk and Heather at Texas Custom Dies. Its in good functional condition, though some cherry juice can occasionally be found seeping from the jack. It's nothing major, we've just had to wipe it off a handful of times over the years. A replacement can be had easily and relatively inexpensively through Harbor Freight if its any concern. We've disassembled the press in order to move it from our basement to our garage, and we'll leave it for the new owner to put it back together (its very simple and intuitive). Also, just as a note, the cutting board in the second picture is not included.

At any rate, we're making this available for $100.00 or the best offer and its available for local pickup in Colorado Springs, CO only. No shipping on this one.

Thanks guys!





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