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Hi all,

I'd like to start off by saying sorry if any of this has already been discussed but I am new to all of this and just trying to learn. I have recently acquired a Singer 132K6 that I was hoping to use on some holsters and have a couple of questions. I am currently using 2 peices of 6/7 oz veg tan.

1. Why would the needle tension need to be maxed out in order to set the stitch using #277 nylon top and bottom with a #25s needle?

2. Even with the needle tension maxed out the bottom stitch still kinda sets on top of the leather. The top side pulls in real nice though.

3. Does anybody have any recommendations on a better needle/thread combo?

Thanks in advance.

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I have the same machine, here are a few hints: ensure the machine and bobbin are properly threaded, and the bobbin should turn counter clockwise as you sew. Increase the bobbin tension, in small increments. Check the timing, hook to needle scharf. Use of the correct needle is critical (328 needles various sizes) fully insert the needle in the needle bar and check that no broken needle shaft is in the needle bar, this will alter the timing. There are threads on this site that can help with the setup, The Singer manual will also be of assistance.

The 132K6 is a beast and will sew almost anything that fits under the foot.

I like my machine, I only wish I had more work for it.

Good Luck, Layo

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Try a needles 1 size up or use a 1 size smaller thread in the bobbin. Check the tension spring on the hook if it has dirt / lint underneath or if it is worn / bent up or the like.

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