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So I've been doing leatherwork for about a year now and been addicted to hunting for vintage tools just as long. Not sure which I like better :rofl:

Most of the time I stop by a flea market or an antique store I come out empty handed but when I was out of town for work recently I stopped by a little antique shop and found a box of cobblers tools and in the box I found my first round knife. I'm still pretty excited as it's taken a year to find one! 

The makers mark is still there but I can't quite make it out and while researching I haven't been able to find one like it to help ID it. I figure it's a long shot but maybe somebody here can help me out. 

There were also a couple interesting edge irons if you recognize them. One I believe says Ashmead and the other I can't quite make out. One is a #2 and the other a #6. The handles remind me of a knife handle, not sure if they are original or added later. Thanks for the help!


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No individual tool pics, who can tell you?

Please post some pics of the tools you want identified, specifically. Thanks. 

Yes, it's interesting to hunt and find old leather tools, we will clean up and cherish.


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