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Hi All:   I am very, very new to sewing and sewing machines.  I acquired a Singer 211G165 that apparently was never used, but has been sitting for a long time.   Two questions:

1. I see that Singer recommends Type "A" or "C" oil.   I found a cross reference to Lily White Industrial Sewing Machine Oil Made in USA.  Will this work?  Also, seems like the oil use is pretty significant.  Does the oil collect in the sump and the does one just re-use it?  What should I plan on for oil consumption?

2. My machine is missing the presser foot/feet.  Any idea where I can find a replacement?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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I don't think the Singer 211G165 has an oil sump or a pump. It has little oil reservoirs that need to keep filled.  It may have an oil drip pan, but it's not for recirculating the oil, it just catches the occasional drips.

A gallon of Lily While Oil will work fine for lubricating your machine and last you a lifetime. Get a little oil bottle with a  long thin spout to reach tight places.

Spend some quality time with the Singer 211G165 Manual  - Just read at first and don't start turning screws until you understand what's going on. 

Feet and such are readily available from many of our vendors that advertise in the banner ads - you'll get some free advice to go along with your feet.


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