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Crowdfunding Buttero

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I originally posted this topic on reddit, but thought that people here might also be interested.

I noticed that some of us would like to get Buttero leather (Conceria Walpier), but face high prices, unavailability in Europe or, in case of contacting the tannery directly, high order volume.

I'm currently thinking about running a campaign on Indiegogo to crowdfund a purchase of Buttero. I contacted the tannery and calculated that I will be able to sell a single skin (about 1.35–1.50 sq. m / 14.5–16 sqf) below around 150–160$ + international shipping around 20–25$. I will ship from Europe, so no EU import fees. I still can't get a quote from the tannery on their shipping options, but if they are what I expect, the price shouldn't change.

For a start there will be only one choice of colour available, but if the campaign in successful I might be able to add another colour. For a start, I'm considering the most popular tan colour. Thickness can be any starting from 1.2 to 2,8 mm. There will be an option to order half a hide.

The question is whether any of you will be interesting in purchasing some?

If yes, please leave your interest via this Google form and I'll make sure to give you a discount when the campaign starts.https://goo.gl/forms/VnWNSbgLzPnyaD2L2


Leather Color Chart.jpg

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Thanks for the option, but to get it to EU I would have to pay 28% in taxes.

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