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Be sure to read the new user agreement if your in the US and use PayPal. Hiking fees again, looks like only for US sellers. They also added some more not good things to help themselves out again. 

Sincerely paypal :lol:

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I'm part of the class action suit against them for hijacking funds on falsely closed accounts, so I haven't used PP in roughly 7 years when they closed a different account and absconded with a payment for an ebay auction.  I don't miss them, but I can see were online sellers like their integration options.

I've been using for about a year now after Amazon decided I wasn't selling things they agreed with (major hurdle thrown into my life with that one after 2.5 years of building a brand presence and reputation).  Square's storefront is surprisingly easy to use, and totally free outside their blanket 2.75% transaction fee.   I get paid the next day via direct deposit and I can choose my "close of business" time to correspond with the latest a transaction needs to hit my Square account for it to be kicked over into my business checking account that night.  Pretty slick!

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