Australian supplier of servo motor.

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Hi, Thank you for adding me. I'm new here but have been brousing from the fringes for a bit. I have a restored singer 31k20 that I wish to connect to a reputable servo motor. It's now on a prehistoric clutch that has the 2 speeds we all know of. Flat out or neutral.  The Singer, from what I can tell, has the heavy duty kit on it such as spring, feed dog/plate and wider foot. I'm reaching out to Aussies and asking please,"what is a good brand of servo motor for around $500 max? Where can I purchase this? I'm looking for torque and speed control for precision work. I do know that I WON'T be able to sew heavy leather. To be honest, I will only be working with soft thin leather for bags at the most. Generally though, it will be used for thick sandwiches of material. Any advice of company or model would be awesome.


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I bought mine from China via aliexpress. The company has a warehouse in Sydney so they shipped from here instead of having to come from China. I've bought three and so far haven't had any problems, however I'm aware that if something goes wrong it could be a hassle to sort out. The 550 watt (3/4 hp) were about $200 each and the 750 watt (1 hp) was $250.

If you have any concerns then buying locally should give you peace-of-mind (although it will cost you more). A member on here, Darren Brosowski, sells machines and may sell just the servos (not sure).

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