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Felt instead of sheepskin to line saddles

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Tucker saddles have used felt instead of sheepskin and I think they still have felt skirt lining.  I've never used one nor known anyone with one, so not sure how well they hold up or function.  --John

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During the second world war, sheepskin was in short supply, most being snapped up by defense contractors for flight suits. Felt was widely used. After the war, when sheepskin was once again available, felt quickly faded into memories. Personally, I think that good felt would be as good as most artificial fleeces and given the advances of pads today should be in a position to make a comeback. For me, give me a saddle that fits , a couple of good double Navajo blankets and a good bark tanned sheepskin lining. The good Navajos are getting scarce so felt pads look like a good 2nd choice.

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