Chronicling my adventures with non-lasted heels!

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My prop game for this costume was A+, and I'm quite proud of myself, even if I didn't have time to stitch down the applique and stitch teh straps (yay for Barge Cement!)  Aside from the shoes, the mask is heat-formed smoked acrylic, and I machined the jewelry from brass and powder-coated the black areas.


A few more costume photos, because I'm proud of this thing, even if it does need more work before I take it to its next con:




...I suck at posing, okay.  I'm still pretty pleased with how I got such a nice tailored fit from non-stretch fabric - it's all silk that I hand-dyed.  With about fifteen yards of horsehair to keep it from being a sad floppy mess.


I never did get a good picture of the back detailing, which was really nice with piping and stuff.  Maybe next time!

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Pictures please!

If you can't get a hold of a copy, send me a PM.

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