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WWI periscope trench binocular case

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If anyone has any info I'd love to hear it.  Considered buying it but not sure what kind of market is out there for something like this.  If not, thought I'd share a cool find. 

It's made by B.A.T. & S.  Seems to be unissued, nearly new condition.  It's missing a few internal parts and the inventory list would be on the inside of the lid.  Some green on the brass hardware.  Spent a long time checking it out.  Really well built old case.  This configuration is apparently the cavalry configuration.  The large flap is for attaching it to a saddle.  










One on eBay with all the goodies inside.

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There for sure is a market for these things! If this case cost $50-$80 I would buy it in a heart beat. I think you should be able to get $200 - $250 (rough guess) for it - if not more if someone really is looking for one. This case is really in pristine condition for a 100 years old military leather case!

You may not sell it this month or within 6 months but I´m sure you can sell it but as often you have to be patient. Sell it fast for a lower price or if you are patient you can make more money.

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