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Hey all,

I wanted to provide an update for the leather tool bag work that I am doing. A number of you have provide much appreciated feedback and advise, for which I am quite grateful and indebted. I elected to write up my update as a series of brief posts each attached to an appropriate photo. Due to the file size format of this forum, I am going to link to the Imgur album that I created. Hopefully, this format works well for everyone and remains in keeping with the forum. TOOL BAG UPDATE

Best regards, 


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Only problem with hosting your images away from here on free services ( or even paid ones ) is when ( and it is "when" and not "if" ) one day they make it necessary to pay a fee to host your images with them ( if you don't pay ) your images disappear to anyone..Lot of threads here with that problem..Imgur are in "red ink" territory, so they'll have to begin asking payment in the next couple of years at the very latest..
If you say what operating system you are using on your computer or mobile device ?, I'm certain that it will be possible for someone to advise you how to shrink their data size to get them to fit here.

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Indeed, what you say is quite true. I shall try to devote some time tonight or tomorrow and reformat the post to publish the pictures here along with the comments. Many thanks!

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