help with making applique holes

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I'm trying something new with applique braiding on a headstall. I've done buck stitching and edge lacing before.   I have Grant's Encyclopedia.  One thing I find lacking in the book, and a bit frustrating, is advice on hole spacing, and size for holes other than the width of a lace.  For example, on p. 453 with a split-thong applique of two thongs how wide and far apart are the holes.  Then, how best  to make neat holes?  I have 5/32" and 1/8" chisels, so that type of single slot is easy; but, the applique looks like it needs holes >1/4" wide.  How to easily and neatly cut/chisel/punch these?  Several whacks of the 1/8" chisel, which can be tricky to line up, or something like a wood chisel?  So, any rules of thumb on hole spacing and size, then how to make neat large holes (not round punched, that is) is appreciated?  Thanks. --John.  

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It might work to use a hole punch instead of a lacing chisel. I am not familiar with applique braiding, but when I looked it up out of curiosity, some pictures showed round holes rather than the diamond shaped holes punched by a chisel.


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