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"hairy" leather ??

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So I've bought a half of a cow of 2.5-3mm thick veg tan leather, which is quite good (i think id rate it 7/10), especially for the price, 120$. It's 2.4m^2.

But too late (at home) I noticed, it has a bit "hairy" parts on the back, which means, it's not as smooth as it should be.

It looks like there's a hair, long from 5mm - 10mm and it's quite a lot of it. There are some areas, where's a bit reduced, but mostly it's superhairy actually. Is this kinda leather used for anything?
I cant really take it back, so thats why I'm asking.

On front side it looks quite okay. A bit rough and witha  strong texture (natural texture of leather, ofcourse), as it's also very stiff.


What I want to use it for? Leather knife sheaths.

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