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I made my first belt, tooled, dyed, glued, finished and stitched. 

I used fiebings (not sure if its water oil based) and finished with 3 coats of 50/50 resolene. 

The back liner is not dyed, but the edges are. Edges and liner hit with resolene as well. 

I wore the belt over the weekend and noticed some bleed from the edge dye and were the buckle/skive end sits. 

How do I stop the dye bleed?? I've buffed between dye and resolene and it was clean, no noticeble residue on the rag. My fear is if/when the belt gets wet it will bleed more. I haven't tried it because I'm worried my stitching will absorb the bleed (white thread, brown dye).

What can I do to fix and prevent this?

Any help is appreciated!!

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How long did you let it dry before you put finish on it?  If its not completely dry, it can bleed and the dye and finish can react to make a sticky feeling mess.

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