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Selling Must Go ASAP. SHOP CLOSED. 

RANDALL BELT CUTTER 14" Working Condition USED On Wheels Ready for Easy Move. Retails used $1500 on average.  
FALES LEATHER CLICKER  MACHINE with ALL CLICKER WOODEN/METAL DIES/MOLDS & ANVIL on SIDE. Needs Motor , Machine weight is 1000 LBS. DIES alone retail over $1000 used.
LOCATION DEARBORN MICHIGAN.   ZIP CODE 48127 Send email for best contact. Serious Buyers only please.large.IMG_20180610_120718102.jpg.3f85693364eba3e349829fcbe74fd447.jpglarge.DSCN0025.JPG.7aa887cdd0627607e3517dfb8b12205e.JPGlarge.DSCN0021.JPG.9af8e005db1bd18caa774c2458b6e9f3.JPGlarge.IMG_20180610_120312967.jpg.ab6ed373383dc1c780ff0fd04720e9e6.jpglarge.DSCN0036.JPG.f3df7fc67aa7c6c7c66673462c49d916.JPGlarge.DSCN0035.JPG.cab5dd6ef000e9d248c5d16a7f76a117.JPGlarge.DSCN0032.JPG.f96a65c5f7934258ff586e02e06d712f.JPGlarge.DSCN0033.JPG.fe94013547d80aeff948bbcb4598a2fe.JPGlarge.DSCN0034.JPG.ab35640f2442063def492ce73ff8274a.JPG

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Price drop $500.00  Take it all including all Clicker Dies for $1000.00. Please Note Clicker Dies are worth this price alone. Must move Shop Closed.  Shoeman 6-22-2018

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